Kindergarten Crafts for the Entire Year

As kindergarten teachers, we love to use crafts to help students improve their fine motor skills and practice other content area skills. Since kindergarten crafts are so helpful for students, they are an important part of the weekly classroom routine! Today I am sharing some of my favorite kindergarten crafts that will keep fun arts and crafts on your schedule for the whole school year.

Back to School Crafts

These simple kindergarten crafts are a great way to ease into the school year and gauge where your students are at with their fine motor skills.

all about me backpack craft

1. All About Me Backpack Craftivity

This back-to-school craft is a great getting-to-know-you activity!

2. My First Day of School Craft

The first day of kindergarten is an important milestone! Help your students remember it with this fun keepsake craft.

First day of school craft for kindergarten and other primary grades
Help students learn to write and spell their name with this fun craft activity

3. Crayon Box Name Craft

Help your students practice spelling their names with this hands-on craft!

4. Apple Basket Counting Craft

Your students can practice counting with this apple basket craft!

counting apples is a great fall craft to reinforce counting skills and number recognition

October Crafts for Kindergarten

Once students have had a chance to settle into the school routine, the seasons start to change and excitement starts to build as Halloween approaches. October crafts are a great way to celebrate holidays while practicing important content area skills.

Fire Safety Craft and Writing Templates

5. Fire Safety Craft and Writing Activity

Observe fire safety month with this firetruck craft and fire safety writing activity.

6. Monster Craft and Writing

Students love to create and write about their own monsters in October!

monster craft with a writing connection
Witch's brew craft

7. Witch’s Brew Craft

This craft is a great way to practice rhyming and creative writing, plus it makes a fun Halloween bulletin board!

8. Argh Spider!

This craft comes with an opinion writing activity and spider-themed math activity.

Spider craft with a writing and math connection
cutting simple shapes is a great way to practice hand eye coordination

9. Fall Leaves Craft

Incorporate crafts into math time with this leaf pattern activity!

November Crafts for Kindergarten

There are many exciting things going on in November! These seasonal craft ideas are a fun and engaging way to continue practicing fine motor skills.

10. Scarecrow Craft

Your students can write about things that scare them or what they would do if they were a scarecrow.

This scarecrow craft is a great activity to connect with learning about emotions
Veteran's Day crafts for kindergarten

11. Veterans Day Craft

This Veterans Day craft will give students an opportunity to honor those who have served our country.

12. Sweet As Pie Craft

After students craft and write about the perfect pie, you can add them to your bulletin board for the holiday season!

Thanksgiving pie crafts for kindergarten

13. Turkey Name Craft

This turkey craft doubles as name spelling practice! Check out the headband option that is included if your students love wearing their hard work with pride.

December Crafts for Kindergarten

As the winter break approaches, these kindergarten arts and crafts ideas will help students channel some of that holiday excitement into a creative activity!

14. Santa Craft for Kindergarten

This Christmas craft comes with a variety of writing templates to choose from, including a letter to Santa!

Dear Santa Craft and Writing Templates
christmas tree craft for fine motor practice and addition concepts

15. Christmas Tree Math Craft

This craft is a great way to add some fine motor practice to math time! Students will decorate their trees to match the number in the star.

January Crafts for Kindergarten

After students return from winter break, crafts can be a great way to ease back into writing and fine motor practice.

16. Happy New Year Craft

Use this new year craft to help students set learning goals for themselves. This craft is an easy bulletin board idea for the new year!

17. Kicking Off a Great Year!

This soccer-theme kindergarten craft is another great way to help students set goals for the new year.

Soccer theme new year craft
These cute bundled up kids are ready for winter and a great winter craft for the classroom

18. Winter Buddies

Students can write about their favorite winter activities with this fun winter craft!

19. All About Penguins

This penguin craft and booklet is the perfect addition to a kindergarten penguin unit!

Free Penguin craft activity is perfect for winter

Kindergarten Crafts for February

There are several fun things to celebrate in February and these crafts for kindergartners are a great addition to your classroom festivities!

Groundhog Day Craft

20. Groundhog Day

This Groundhog Day craft looks great on a bulletin board but it also comes with themed math activities to supplement your graphing unit.

21. Valentine Mailbox

This valentine craft for kindergarten is a fun way to help students practice spelling their names. Plus, these mailboxes are adorable as a bulletin board or door decoration!

Valentine's Day mailbox craft
This bear and bunny writing craft makes a great Valentine's Day card from students

22. Valentine’s Day Bear and Bunny

Your students can create Valentine’s Day greetings with these bear and bunny crafts.

23. 100th Day of School

This adorable craft for the 100th day of school comes with multiple themed writing templates to choose from!

These adorable 100th Day of School crafts will not only help your students practice their fine motor skills but also practice writing sentences.

Kindergarten Crafts for March

By this point in the school year, students are comfortable with a regular craft routine. These crafts for March help students celebrate holidays and practice a variety of content areas.

Lion and lamb craft and writing activity.

24. Lion & Lamb Craft

In like a lion, out like a lamb: Use this fun two-sided craft as a seasonal decoration for spring!

25. Leprechaun Craft

Your students will love to create this leprechaun and pot of gold craft as they think about what they would do if they were leprechauns!

Paper craft of leprechaun and a pot of gold. A lined piece of paper is attached that says "If I were a leprechaun..." at the top.
Paper craft with rainbow coming out of a pot of gold. Student name is displayed on the gold coins.

26. Pot of Gold Craft

This is another fun St. Patrick’s Day craft and writing activity! Your students can write about what makes them feel lucky.

27. Compound Word Rainbow

Students can practice building compound words with this fun rainbow craft!

Rainbow compound word craft for the word "sunflower"
help students reinforce number sense skills with these number flowers

28. Math Flowers

Students will model numbers in multiple ways with this engaging math flower craft activity!

Kindergarten Crafts for Spring

As the weather warms up and the school schedule gets busier, these kindergarten art activities can be used for easy seasonal bulletin boards!

29. Peeps in a Basket

These spring chicks in a basket look adorable on a spring bulletin board!

Peeps in a Basket Spring Craftivity

30. Chick Name Craft

Your students will love practicing their fine motor skills as they complete this adorable chick craft.

31. All About Bees Craft

This bee craft and writing activity helps your students reflect on their effort and success from the school year!

Bee craft and writing template
Paper craft with ice cream cone decorated to look like an Earth. Text on the craft says "Home Sweet Home. Happy Earth Day!"

32. Earth Day Craft

Celebrate home sweet home with this adorable Earth Day craft!

students can practice basic addition and subtraction with these number kites

33. Kite Math Craft

Use this fun kite craft to practice addition sentences!

End of the Year Crafts for Kindergarten

Crafts can be used to help students celebrate their accomplishments from the school year and also look forward to summer! These fun craft ideas will help students keep their fine motor skills sharp for first grade.

34. Mother’s Day Purse

This adorable Mother’s Day craft doubles as an all about mom activity. It makes the perfect keepsake for the important women in your students’ lives!

Completed All About Mom Purse Craft
Father's Day craft and writing bundle

35. Father’s Day Briefcase

Your students can celebrate the fathers and other important people in their lives with this fun briefcase craft and writing activity.

36. Graduation Buddies

This graduation craft will help your students celebrate a great year of kindergarten!

Graduation Craft and Writing
Summer bucket list craft

37. Summer Bucket List

As the school year winds down, this bucket list craft will give your students a chance to look forward to summer.

Kindergarten Crafts for the Entire Year

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41 Kindergarten Crafts for the Entire School Year