What is a CVC Word?

If you are a kindergarten teacher or a parent of a kindergartner, you know you need to teach your kids how to read and write CVC words. If you are asking yourself, "what is a CVC word?" or "how do I teach CVC words?" then this post is for you! I am going to share what...

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FREE Sight Words Reading Practice!

One of the most important skills beginning readers learn is reading sight words by sight. These are not only words that are difficult to phonetically sound out, but also words that they will see SO often. Soon, they will be able to recognize the word and read it...

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Classroom Management Techniques for the New Year

As you welcome your students back to the classroom after break, you have a lot of re-teaching to do when it comes to classroom management. Even if your students were only out of the classroom for just a brief amount of time, they tend to forget the classroom...

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Morning Work Tubs for Kindergarten

If the start of your school day is as crazy as mine, I know how stressful it can be! Between parents who have questions, students who need immediate attention, or a call from the front office, it’s hard to split your attention in 5 different ways AND still be in...

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Using a Rug-Ed iPad Case

When it comes to using iPads in the classroom, a durable case is a MUST! Recently, I received the Rug-Ed ProLock 9.7 to test out and it did not disappoint! It has all the necessities of a protective iPad case but is not bulky or heavy. I'm excited to have found this...

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Laminating Classroom Materials with Mead

As a kindergarten teacher, a functioning laminator is a top ten item I need in my classroom! It helps our learning material stand up to lots of wear and tear and keeps me from having to recreate our centers and classroom decor year after year. So I was really excited...

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If you are looking for hands-on, engaging kindergarten activities, you came to the right place!





  • Make teaching CVC words fun with clips and blending cards. Students slide and reveal the short a words. These activities are great for struggling readers both in kindergarten and first grade and help them use their phonics strategies while reading.  #blendingsounds #CVCwords #readandreveal
  • Kindergarten Counting Activity with Dominoes. So fun!
  • Need first-grade morning work for June? These activities can easily be filed away in your morning work binder or files or collated into a fun packet full of reading, writing, and math skills! Also great to send home as summer practice worksheets! #morningwork #ideas
  • Use magazines to practice letter recognition! Click here to see how to have your class go on a pirate treasure hunt for letters!
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