Leprechaun Crafts for Kindergarten

One of my favorite ways to observe holidays in the kindergarten classroom is to use hands-on craft activities. St. Patrick’s Day is no exception! These leprechaun crafts for kindergarten are a great way to bring a bit of festive fun to your classroom during the month of March.

Leprechaun Crafts

The Benefits of Crafts in March

Crafts are a useful part of the kindergarten curriculum all year long, but they can be especially helpful in March! Here are just a few reasons why it’s worth your time to add a few crafts to your lesson plans:

  • Increase Student Engagement: As the weather starts to warm up in March, spring fever isn’t far behind! Spring crafts are an excellent way to keep students engaged in learning when they’re dreaming of playing outside in the warm sunshine.
  • Improve Fine Motor Skills: In just a few short months, students will be home for the summer. Crafts are a great way to sharpen those fine motor skills before the long break so they will be ready for first grade!
  • Celebrate Learning: By the time March rolls around, kindergarteners have learned and grown by leaps and bounds. Kindergarten crafts allow students to show off all those achievements in a tangible, visual way!
  • Update Bulletin Boards: You don’t have to spend hours of your prep time designing and creating hallway displays! Student crafts provide an easy way to update your bulletin boards, especially during the busy spring months.
  • Observe Holidays: Crafts can help you observe holidays in the classroom without sidelining your learning routine. You can help your students have some holiday fun while ensuring that they’re practicing worthwhile skills. 

Let’s talk about two fun leprechaun crafts that you can use to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your students!

Fun Leprechaun Crafts for Kindergarten

Both of these St. Patrick’s Day crafts incorporate a writing prompt, which gives you a fun and engaging way to help students practice their writing skills! In addition to that, students will also practice important skills like following directions, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor strength.

Leprechaun Writing Craft

The first leprechaun craft comes with three different writing prompts, so the first step is to choose what you’d like your students to write about.

  • If I Were a Leprechaun
  • How to Catch a Leprechaun
  • If I Found a Pot of Gold

If you are using this craft as a whole group activity, it’s helpful to choose one writing prompt. However, you could also give students a choice of writing prompt, especially if you’re completing this craft in small groups. 

Once you’ve chosen the writing prompt, give students a chance to talk about this topic together as a class. They can also jot down their ideas on a writing map to help them organize their thoughts. When they’re ready, students will write their sentences on a paper shaped to fit a pot of gold!

Paper craft of leprechaun and a pot of gold. A lined piece of paper is attached that says "If I were a leprechaun..." at the top.

Now it’s time for the fun part…creating the leprechaun! This is great listening practice for young students, since they need to follow the assembly directions in the correct order. Students will cut and paste each piece of the leprechaun until they have created this festive final product!

This leprechaun writing looks adorable on a St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board. Students are always so excited when they find their writing on the wall. Publishing your students’ work like this is an excellent way to keep them motivated to write! There’s just something about seeing a peer reading what you’ve created that makes you feel like a writer!

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Pot of Gold Writing Craft

Every leprechaun needs a pot of gold, so this writing craftivity is also perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

Just like the leprechaun craft, students will start by brainstorming their responses to a writing prompt. For this craft, the prompt is: “I feel lucky when…” It’s always so fun to see what students come up with!

Once students have completed the sentence frame on their writing paper, it’s time to assemble the craft!

First, students can write their names on the pieces of gold. This template is also editable, so you could type in each student’s name onto the pieces of gold. It just depends on what skills you’d like students to practice with this activity!

A pot of gold craft for the name "Logan"

Then it’s time to assemble the rainbow that will attach to the top of the pot of gold. There are two options in this activity. The first option is to use rainbow-shaped templates that students can cut out and stack to create a rainbow. The second option is cutting out rainbow-colored strips of paper and attaching them to the pot of gold vertically. This makes it look like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Plus, this is a great way to use up paper scraps from other craft activities!

You can mount the final product to a bulletin board as-is or attach it to a large piece of construction paper first. Either way, these pots of gold will make a festive bulletin board for the month of March! 

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More St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kindergarten

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Counting Coins center is being used with yellow pom poms.

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"If I Were a Leprechaun" writing activity and leprechaun craft