Candy Cane Tear Art {holiday craft ideas}

Now that it’s December, we’re officially transforming our room into a winter wonderland!
Last week we made these adorable candy canes!
Tear art is wonderful for fine motor practice! But it does ensue a lot of sweat and tears {on both the teacher’s and students’ part ;)}
I copied a candy cane template onto white construction paper to make it a little sturdier, then we gave our kiddos a piece of red construction paper and they got to tearing!
To make the bow, we cut the corners off a 3″x3″ green square and rounded them to make a circle. Then we cut another 3″x3″ square in half diagonally to make 2 triangles. We glued the triangle point behind the circle to make a bow. Then we cut a 2″x4″ rectangle into two pieces, long ways, and cut out a little triangle shape on each end. Glued those down behind the circle and voila!
They look adorable hanging in our classroom!
We also made a Polar Express art project using black construction paper and oil pastels! This was a directed draw, but each kid put his/her own spin on it and they turned out so cute!
The best part of the week was our little gingerbread man visitor from Mrs. Banister’s Kindergarten Kids!
He rotated through our center rotations with us! Here he is working on a color book!
He got to witness “winter” in Southern California and he’s really excited to report back his fun to your class Mrs. Banister! Thanks again for sharing him with us for the week!