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Winter Math and Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

One of my favorite ways to keep my kindergarten students engaged and learning is through the use of centers. In January, I like to incorporate these winter centers in our math and literacy rotations. We use these January math and literacy centers to ease back into our learning routine when we return from winter break.

These winter centers are easy to prep and place in photo cases or bins for the upcoming month. My students love using the January math and literacy centers to practice teen numbers, number sequencing, middle sounds, sight words, and more!

Winter Math Centers

In January, we focus on a few simple math concepts going into quarter 3. One of the main skills we work on is understanding teen numbers. Teen numbers are such a tricky concept for some kindergartners. I like to incorporate my January math centers to help students visualize and practice counting the teen numbers. We use a ten frame to visualize 10 and some more and count on to get to the teen number shown. My students love to use counters, mini erasers, or other small manipulatives to show the number on the ten frame.

Another math concept we focus on in January is addition to ten. We introduce the concept of addition and eventually we work toward addition fluency. I have my students roll a set of dice and add the two numbers together. They can use the pom poms or cotton balls to show the addition equation, then record the equation on the laminated snowmen cards.

Students continue subitizing all through kindergarten with larger and larger numbers. I like to include subitzing in our winter centers to continue practicing the skill. In January, we use these more and less subitizing cards so students can distinguish larger and smaller numbers while subitizing. All the center needs is the laminated cards and some clothespins. The students write the number on the snowman’s hat, then use the clothespin to clip the bigger number.

The final math skill we work on in January is sequencing numbers. Students are learning to identify the numbers that come before and after a given number. To practice this, I print off these cards and laminate them so the kids can write their answers with dry erase marker. I also differentiate this activity with manipulatives to help students count if they are still mastering that skill. My kids LOVE using the mini erasers in these math centers!

Winter Literacy Centers

Literacy centers in January are my favorite because students are becoming more fluent in their reading. We practice a lot with CVC words, specifically identifying the missing initial, medial, and final sounds in a short word. I place magnetic letters in this center and students have to find the first and last sounds that match the picture provided.

To practice middle sounds, students choose the correct vowel sound to complete the word for the picture shown by placing a clothespin on the card. This is a great fine motor activity as well.

CVC words are all part of word families, so to practice this, I let students spell the word with magnetic letters or write the letters with a dry erase marker. This is another great way to practice fluency in finding the first, middle and ending sounds in words.

Finally, we can’t forget our sight words practice! In the month of January, we practice sight words by reading them in sentences and then writing them ourselves. The sentences have a picture to help students with the CVC words on the card. I laminate them and put them on a ring for easy organization. I also provide magnetic letters to spell the CVC words for an added level of differentiation.

My kids love using these winter-themed math and literacy centers after the holiday break! They are great for practicing academic concepts and also working on their fine motor skills. All of these centers can fit into 5″ by 7″ photo cases that can be found at stores like Michaels or Walmart. I Can statements are provided for each center as well. I hope your students love these January centers as much as mine do!

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January Activity Bundle

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