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FREE Kindergarten Reading Fluency Passages

It’s so amazing to watch your little learners learn to read! After they become more confident with reading, they can start building their reading fluency. Learning to read fluently takes a lot of practice, but is super important for your students’ reading success.

These reading fluency passages are a great way to help your budding readers practice reading a variety of common word families. I’m excited to share some fun reading fluency passages with you for FREE!

All About the Reading Fluency Passages

Providing kindergarten students with short reading passages to practice their reading skills helps with their reading fluency. My kids love sitting with me at my reading table to practice their reading and comprehension skills. We work on reading short vowel words, long vowel words, and simple texts. But, our favorite thing to read together is short passages with simple comprehension questions, like the ones I am sharing with you today.

Each of these reading fluency passages is centered around a common short vowel word family, digraph, or blend. The students read the words at the top of the page and then we read the passage together three times. If students are at a level that they can read the passage on their own, we chat about it after they are finished.

I let my students use a highlighter or crayon to highlight the word family, blend or digraph any time they see it in the text. Then, we read the passage two more times.. to practice fluency of course. After they have colored all three stars, we choose our favorite sentence from the text and write it on the dotted lines to practice our handwriting. Students also illustrate their favorite part of the passage. This is a great time for us to chat about what we read and get to know each other more. My students enjoy using our small group reading time as a little bit of a social period.

Sharing Reading Passages at Home

I love letting the kids take these passages home to read to their parents or loved ones. I even email the guardians to let them know their child will be bringing home a reading fluency passage we have been working on. This gets the parents and the students excited to share their learning. I love hearing how it went the next day and creating a sense of community with my families.

Download the Free Reading Passages

This FREE download includes 9 reading fluency passages for you to provide intervention with your young readers. They provide a focus on short vowels, long vowels, blends, and digraphs. They also include common sight words to help build reading fluency.

Use these short vowel reading fluency worksheets to get your students practicing their literacy skills in different but repetitive ways.

Free Decodable Passages

Help your students make the leap from decoding words to reading with fluency! These fluency passages are designed to give kids successful reading practice to help students become strong readers!

Happy reading!