Sentence Building Practice

My students love, love, love sentence building and they are becoming quite good at it too! We practice sight reading each word, then unscrambling it to make a sentence, and then writing it on our own. I put together a little file so your students can practice sentence scrambles too!
Each student needs a work mat and a set of words. There are 16 sets with 2 sentences per page in this pack.

First, have your students cut out the words {one sentence at a time until they become proficient at building sentences!}. After they touch and read each word, they have to decide what the sentence is supposed to say. We use clues to help us, like the uppercase letter will always be at the beginning of the sentence, and the word with the punctuation will always be at the end. Then we just have to sort through the other words!

After they’ve built their sentences correctly, they glue them down and write the sentences on the lines. This is when they have to really think about their mechanics and conventions. Not only do they have to remember to use an uppercase letter, punctuation and finger spaces, but they have to plan ahead since they only have 1 line to write each sentence! Super fine motor practice!
As my students become better at sentence building, we move from 4 word sentences:
to 5 word sentences:
to sentences with 6 words and no picture clues!
You can check out these sentence scrambles in my shop!