This week we wrote about what we are looking forward to doing this summer and turned our writing into adorable little popsicles.
We stapled construction paper over the writing so that it was nice and colorful. On the inside, we all used the sentence starter “This summer I…” 
I always have my students tell me their sentence before I give them their writing paper. This ensures that their sentence makes sense, and that they don’t just sit and twiddle their thumbs after I pass out the papers 😉
I wrote the sentence starter up on the board, and had my students use their “best guess” spelling to complete their sentences. They did a fabulous job! Take a look!
On the back of the writing page, we illustrated our sentence and taped a huge popsicle stick on.
 I just love how these turned out! I am so impressed with my kinder’s writing abilities and the details in their illustrations!
This was a such a fun craft and definitely got us into the summer spirit!
If you’re interested in doing this with your class, you can download the templates below! Just print the cover on several colors of construction paper and the writing page on white paper. Then staple together and attach a popsicle stick! Easy peasy!