Morning work is a great way to ease your students into their routine for the day. I like to give my students tasks they can complete as independently as possible while I’m tying up loose ends at the start of the day… a quick chat with a parent, collecting forms, taking attendance, etc. It helps to have the day structured right from the start. 
I created these activities so that there are 5 pages of similar skill sets. This way, I can review expectations on Monday {or whenever we start a new week} and the students will be able to do the next 4 pages completely independently. These sheets follow a predictable format so that your students can be as successful as possible. 
Here’s a look at the skills covered for each “week”, one through four, on the literacy portion of the morning work.

Depending on how much time your kiddos have in the morning, you can also include the math portion copied on the back. If not, it is a great review before or after a math lesson.

Sometimes we don’t have enough time in the morning to complete the morning work pages. If that is the case, it’s okay! I either collect their sheets and pass them out again the next morning, or I send home with a note that says, “Please finish and keep at home”. Whatever works for you.
If you find that you have certain students who always have a tough time completing their morning work, this is a perfect informal assessment. It would be a great time to conference with the students and figure out why they aren’t able to complete them. You can decide whether you want to modify the amount of work you expect them to do, or have them work toward a goal using some positive reinforcers. 
Another great thing about these activities is that they are not dependent on each other. If you find that you only have a 4 day week, you can choose to complete just 4 of the 5 pages. They can be easily skipped. If you don’t have time for morning work, they would also be great as homework practice! In the document, I included a cover page for homework! You can staple the pages together for the month and send them home at the beginning of the month, or weekly.
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Please let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification!