Yesterday we finished our peeps in a basket. They turned out absolutely adorable and really brighten up our room for spring!

I decided to have my students make a spring cinquain since we are always working on parts of speech.

We started the lesson by reading It’s Spring by Linda Glaser to further our knowledge of spring. We have started to introduce “reading for a purpose” so I told my students to listen to special words that make them think of spring time.
Then I put four columns up on the whiteboard: Adjectives, Verbs ending in ing, Phrases and Nouns. {I wish I had taken a picture but I was deep in the lesson so I didn’t get a chance!} We color code the parts of speech in our class so that they are easy to identify. I wrote all the adjectives we came up with in blue, the verbs in green, the phrases in red {just because} and the nouns in black. After we brainstormed words for each category, I gave my students their writing page and had them color code each line with the correct color crayon.
Then all they had to do was match the words on the board to the correct line.
They did a really great job on their poems!
If you’re interested, you can pick up this craft and cinquain templates in my TpT store!
Now I’m off to enjoy my spring break! Woop woopie!!

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