At the beginning of the year, we practice a lot with spelling our names. It is an important skill that my kinders will need for the rest of their lives! And I love crafts, so I try to incorporate them into my lessons in any way I can!
To go along with our cooking theme for our beginning of the year centers, I created a fun little alphabet soup craft for my kiddos to make.
To make this craft, I have my students paint polka dots on their bowl using marshmallows! What is more fun than painting with marshmallows?!
I stuck a little pretzel stick into the marshmallow as a handle, but I found that I have better control if I just grabbed the marshmallow with my fingers. Try it out with your kiddos, see what works best!
Of course, this goes without saying, but classroom management is important when using food for reasons other than eating! Make sure you tell your kiddos not to eat the marshmallows or the pretzels! 
After the paint dries, have your students cut out each piece of the bowl and glue it onto a piece of construction paper. Then they can add their names using foam letters, stickers or stamps. Whatever you have on hand! Finally, I add some glitter glue for the steam and voila!
Makes for an adorable bulletin board!
While I was prepping my centers and everything was all strewn about the room, I thought it would be useful for me to show you how I organize my monthly centers!
Materials needed:
1″ 3-ring binder with clear pouch
Storage envelopes
Sheet protectors
Plastic baggies
I slide the cover page into the clear pouch of the binder to keep myself organized.

Then I put the student/parent directions in a sheet protector and the master of the recording sheet {if applicable} behind that.

I glue the teacher directions onto the front of a storage envelope and highlight any extra materials I need that I can’t fit in the binder. When I quickly look at this I know all I need is the recording sheets and pencils/crayons/markers for my students to use for tracing.
 Inside the storage envelope are all the center pieces neatly kept in a plastic baggie.
This makes it really easy for me to set up centers and everything has a place when it’s time to put the centers away.
How do you organize your centers?
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