Morning Work Tubs for Kindergarten

If the start of your school day is as crazy as mine, I know how stressful it can be! Between parents who have questions, students who need immediate attention, or a call from the front office, it’s hard to split your attention in 5 different ways AND still be in...

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Laminating Classroom Materials with Mead

As a kindergarten teacher, a functioning laminator is a top ten item I need in my classroom! It helps our learning material stand up to lots of wear and tear and keeps me from having to recreate our centers and classroom decor year after year. So I was really excited...

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Summer Math & Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

I love switching out our themed centers each month! I wanted to share a look at our summer themed centers which are perfect for the last few weeks of school or even if you're teaching summer school! Math Centers: Watermelon Addition The kiddos will choose 2 watermelon...

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Subtract & Reveal {subtraction fluency practice

We have been working on our addition & subtraction fluency a lot in kindergarten! Earlier in the year, I introduced Add & Reveal and my kiddos went bonkers over the cards! They already loved our Read & Reveal cards, so they were really excited about these!...

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Read & Reveal {simple sentences}

My students have been doing such a great job reading use our Read & Reveal cards! So I knew I needed to create something to help them transition into reading simple sentences. I introduced these to my reading groups and they ate them right up! They felt so proud...

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See & Write {literacy & math centers}

A few years ago, I created some easy-to-prep, ready-to-go centers for my literacy and math time called See & Stamp Centers. They included 4 literacy centers and 4 math centers for each month that covered skills my kinders could complete independently! They loved...

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Monster Counting {free download}

Learning to count is extra fun with googly eyes are involved! These adorable monsters are in need of some eyes! Have your kiddos pick a card, look at the number on the corner, and add that many eyes to the monster's face. These googly eyes are extra fun since they...

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Race Track Reading with DYMO

If there’s one important thing you need to remember when teaching young learners to read, it’s to make the learning FUN! Young children learn through play, so why not capitalize on this? You can turn any learning activity into a game and your kiddos will

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Spring Centers for First Grade

Hello there! Happy Spring! I sure do love this time of year 🙂 I wanted to pop in and share some of my newest centers! These centers were created with first graders in mind, but can definitely be used to differentiate for your "high flyers" in kinder 🙂 The themes are...

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Sight Word Fluency Booklets

I am always looking for new, fun ways for my kindergarteners to practice sight word fluency! Sight words are an essential building block in teaching beginning readers how to read, and continue to be important as the students move up in grades. So the more practice,...

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Add & Reveal {addition fluency to 20}

My students are loving our Add & Reveal cards! They are set up similarly to Read & Reveal so they're super familiar with them...and anything with a hidden piece is always fun 😉 One of our kindergarten standards is to add and subtract fluently, so we practice...

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Read and Reveal Organization Labels

Over the summer, I found these perfect storage tubs on clearance at Target. {of course ;)} I knew they would be the PERFECT solution for organizing my Read and Reveal cards, since at the time they were randomly strewn all over my classroom with no rhyme or reason!...

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Fluency Families {reading short vowel words}

One of the most important skills for beginning readers to attain is fluency in reading. Fluency means the ability to read text quickly and accurately. When students gain an understanding of word families, and start to see “chunks” in words, they become better readers....

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Math Story Problems {addition and subtraction to 10}

I love teaching math and story problems are no exception! But story problems sure can be tricky! Especially with all those words 😉 When I'm teaching my students how to solve story problems, we talk about all the important parts of each problem. We circle the numbers...

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If you are looking for hands-on, engaging kindergarten activities, you came to the right place!





  • These play doh mats free printables are perfect activites for your kids when learning all about shapes! Children will have fun while working on their fine motor skills.  #games #learning #kindergarten #kids
  • Hooray for kindergarten printables! Use these worksheets to practice spring sight words, writing and math! They're great for homeschool activities and are 100% fun!
  • Make the most of your time management by grabbing these printable literacy centers! These centers are a great addition to your spring literacy rotations! Students can practice sight words with these hands-on stamping activities! #play #literacy
  • Read and Reveal cards make teaching reading fun! These reading intervention ideas are great for struggling readers both in lower grades and help them use their phonics strategies while reading. They are perfect for small groups, literacy centers, or intervention groups. #blendingsounds #CVCwords
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