With summertime quickly approaching {or those lucky few of you that are already done!}, I know we are ready to get out of the classroom and enjoy a WELL DESERVED, and much needed break! Let’s be real though… summer break goes by way too fast and before we know it, we will be back in the classroom and wondering why we didn’t take advantage of our time over summer break to help get ready for the craziness of Back-to-School! So today, I wanted to share with you my top 5 classroom organization ideas to help you get your classroom ready for the upcoming school year…when you’re ready of course 😉

1. Storing Your Classroom Supplies

The first, and probably my most favorite of my classroom organization ideas…use ALL THE LABELS! These adorable polka dot labels allow you to organize the tubs in your classroom with fun supply labels. Utilizing these labels, I was able to sort through all of the supplies in our classroom closet, organize them into tubs and label them. The extra supplies stayed in our supply closet and we were able to easily refill our table caddies when needed. If you’re wanting to get a head-start on your classroom organization, you can grab these labels for just $1 in my TpT shop! They’re also editable, so you can add more labels if you need.

Classroom organization ideas

2. Organizing Your Classroom Library Books With DIY Classroom Library Sticks 

These little sticks really help keep your classroom books organized! When a student takes a book from your class library, they place their numbered stick in its spot. It’s the perfect way to keep your classroom library organized. Read more about how I made these library sticks by HERE.

Classroom library organization ideas

3. Crafts Organization

I have *a lot* of crafts and I’ve toyed around with different ways to organize them. I found this super way to organize my samples, and I’m kind of obsessed! Not only do they stay uncreased {my biggest pet peeve!!!}, they’re also really easy to sort through. I just flip to a month and remember all of the ideas I have. See how I organize my crafts and download free monthly labels to help you stay organized!

Get your crafts organized

4. Teacher Desk Organization

My most beloved classroom belonging {and my most viewed blog post ever!} is my tabletop organizer! Really, the best thing I’ve ever done! My first year of teaching, my desk was sooo cluttered because people kept handing me papers and I didn’t know what to do with them! Now they have a home! Part of my 5 minutes at the end of the day routine is putting the loose papers away.

How to organize your teacher desk

5. Organizing Centers for the Entire Year

I’ve been getting tons of questions about how I organize my monthly centers. I wanted to share with you! While I prep my centers, everything is always strewn about the room. But with just 4 materials you can find at almost any store that sells office supplies, you can be organized in no time! You can read my step-by-step process by clicking here!

Center organization

I hope these ideas help you! If you’re anything like me, an organized classroom can give you a peace of mind and calmness to take on all the Back to School craziness!