We sure do have a great group of budding writers this year! We recently introduced some new writing activities in our writing center and the kiddos are loving them! The fact that they CHOOSE to go to the writing center makes me so happy!
I have a really sweet bunch this year and they are exceptionally nice to each other, so I knew they would really enjoy our note writing center. I copied a bunch of the note writing templates onto white paper and stuck them in a little bucket. My students can write notes to each other, their family or even their dear teachers 🙂 Then they stick the notes in the appropriate cubbies for delivery. They get so excited to receive little notes in their cubbies too 🙂
 {I love you because you are sweet and nice and generous. #swoon}
 {I like your Darth Vader shirt.}
 {I like you because you are nice.}
I found this one of my desk after school…so precious!! {and I love that she signed it “stodin’t}
Another fun writing center was born after a trip to the Dollar Tree! I found these really fun mini magnetic drawing boards and knew my kids would love them. I set out some of our CVC word cards so they can practice writing their CVC words. They love this center!





{the eraser was really tricky to use, I had to show my students to hold the board down against the table as they slid the eraser}
We also started to use our Write the Room papers from my All Done, Now What? unit. They grab a mini clipboard and a pencil and quietly walk around the room searching for words to write. Even my most reluctant writers love this activity 🙂



What do you do to get your kiddos writing? Leave a comment so I can learn more ideas!

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