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Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Centers for Kindergarten


Valentine’s Day is extra fun and exciting in kindergarten…why not incorporate your students’ excitement for the holiday into their learning?! These Valentine’s Day math and literacy centers can be used throughout the month, or you can weave them into your Valentine’s Day party.

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Play is essential in young kindergarteners’ learning. These seasonal center activities will help build those fine motor skills while also developing the early literacy foundation.  The centers are easy to prep and will help students practice a wide range of math and literacy concepts. These seasonal centers are perfect for small group instruction, as an intervention tool, or during independent centers.

What’s Included:

  • 6 Hands-on Math Valentine’s Day Activities
  • 6 Hands-on Literacy Valentine’s Day Activities
  • Direction Page with Example for Each Activity
  • Recording Sheets


Hands-on Math Valentine’s Day Centers

1. Greater or Less Than Goodies – More or Less

Students grab a handful of manipulatives and place them in the jar. They will then count the number of manipulatives. The next student grabs a handful of manipulatives, places them in the second jar, and counts them. The students then determine which jar has more and draw a greater/ less than symbol.

2. Racing Hearts – 1:1 Correspondence

The first player rolls one or two dice, then finds the number and colors it. The second player rolls the dice and colors in the hearts using a different colored marker. The player that colors in the last heart wins!

3. Sweet Treats Train – 1:1 Correspondence/ Addition

Students count the treats on each card and place the card and place the card in the correct train. Then use the recording sheet to make an equation using the picture cards.

4. Honeycomb Counting – Counting On

Students choose a bee card and write the number in the honeycomb. Then they will write two numbers that come next on the recording sheet.

5. Match Makers – Making 10

Students will spin the spinner and identify the number on the ten frame. Then they will find the bear who is holding the number needed to make a ten. They can spin again, or the next player will spin.

6. Sweet Subtraction – Subtraction from 10

Students will solve the equations and place the chocolate into the correct heart box. Then they can write the equations for each number on the recording sheet.


Hands-on Literacy Valentine’s Day Centers

1. Love Notes – Sight Words

Students use letter beads or magnetic letters to build the sight words. They record on their recording sheet.

2. Make n’ Bake – CVC Words

Students read the words on the cookies and sort them by real words or nonsense words by placing them on the correct cookie sheet.

3. Broken Hearts – Ending Sounds

Students fix the broken hearts by matching the picture with it’s ending sound.

4. Love Letters – Classifying Letters

Students search for the target letters on the mailcarts. They can cover them with small manipulatives or circle them with a dry erase marker. They will count how many letters they found and write it in the box.

5. Love Bug Spin and Cover – Middle Sounds

Students spin the spinner and cover the word with the same middle sound with a small manipulative. They can also use a dry erase marker to cross out the word.

6. Colorful Cupcakes and Happy Hearts – Sight Words

Students build the sentences in a pocket chart. They will need to match the correct color cupcake or heart to each sentence and then complete the recording sheet. Several writing pages are provided depending on your students’ ability.



⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Danielle P. said, “I love all of your work!  My students always know what to expect with your centers!” 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jennifer C. said, “Perfect February math center. Thank you for creating and taking the work out for me!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jessica D. said, “I love everything about these centers! I used them for centers, as well as activities at my small group table. For some students, they served as great interventions. The clip art is adorable and I love the colors. Well worth the money spent as it took all of the stress off of me in planning centers and activities!”

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Valentine's Day Math and Literacy Centers for KindergartenValentine’s Day Math and Literacy Centers for Kindergarten