My students have been doing such a great job reading use our Read & Reveal cards! So I knew I needed to create something to help them transition into reading simple sentences. I introduced these to my reading groups and they ate them right up! They felt so proud of themselves using their reading strategies to read the sentences. And they just LOVE opening the flap to check to see that they read the sentence correctly 🙂
Today I want to share with you how I use Read & Reveal in my classroom and how to get it up and running!
Setting Up
Print the cards you need on card stock and cut apart. I use this paper cutter and it makes the cutting easy and quick!

I also suggest laminating the cards for durability. This way you won’t need to reprint and replace them so often!
Once the cards are cut and laminated, fold the flap on the dashed lines. Sometimes I find it easier to fold the cards before laminating, especially if you are using a thick lamination. 
You can secure the flaps with mini clothespins, paper clips, or even velcro dots. I love stocking up on mini clothespins at the Target dollar spot or when Michaels has sales!
How to Use
Place the cards in a basket and have your students choose one card at a time. You can also hole punch the corners and use a binder ring to hold all the cards together. Have your students touch each dot and read each word.
Once they feel confident with the sentence, the unclip the clothespin to reveal the picture under the flap!
What’s included?
This download includes 111 simple sentences that focus on CVC words. There are words for all short vowels! 

In this download you will find 93 simple sentences that include common sight words along with blends & digraphs with short vowels.

In this download you will find 72 simple sentences that include common sight words along with magic e words.

Vowel Teams

In this download you will find 92 simple sentences that include common sight words along with the following vowel teams:


**Sentences using r-controlled vowels will also be added to the bundle!
You can find the Read & Reveal {simple sentences} bundle in my TpT shop!

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