Mastering sight words is such an important part of learning how to read. These are words that you will see in almost all of the books you will read. I *love* when we learn a new sight word and my kids start making connections, seeing that word around our classroom. Their eyes light up and they are so excited that they can READ! I get so excited too!

A few of my students were doing great reading their sight words in isolation, but were having a tougher time making the connections when seeing these words in print. I created these fun reading pages to help guide them in reading their sight words in sentences. They have repeated patterns to help ensure success and provide the much needed encouragement that young learners need when learning how to read.

Read in Isolation:

We start by touching and reading each sight word in isolation. Then we use a yellow crayon to highlight the word in each sentence. This helps the kiddos to see the word in each sentence.

Fluency Practice:

After the students find the words, they reach the sentences. I have them read each sentence 3 times to practice accuracy and fluency. They get to color a kid every time they read the sentences and they LOVE that!

While I am listening to a student in my small group read his/her sentences, the rest of the kiddos are writing their favorite sentence and illustrating a picture to show comprehension. Not only is it important for my students to be able to read their sight words in sentences, they also have to show that they understand what they are reading!
This resource includes over 100 sight words and continues to grow as I add more words to it! If you’re interested in using it in your classroom, you can grab it in my shop!
I also created some color words practice as an introduction to teaching my students to read sight words. They are perfect for introducing your students to reading sight words because they are words that they have seen and will continue to see in the real world around them.
This free download includes 11 of the most common color words {red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, white, brown, gray/grey} for your students to practice reading and improve their reading fluency as well.
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