I am always looking for new, fun ways for my kindergarteners to practice sight word fluency! Sight words are an essential building block in teaching beginning readers how to read, and continue to be important as the students move up in grades. So the more practice, the better!
I always love having new sight word activities in our sight word center, so I was so excited to come up with these Sight Word Fluency Books!
The fun thing about these books is there are SO many ways to use them! This is great to make sure repetitive practice doesn’t get monotonous! Although, early readers strive on repetition and success, so they will love these even if you didn’t change them up!

Fun Sight Word Practice!

Here are some fun ideas for the cover of the sight word books:
1. Have your students use crayons, colored pencils or makers to color in the focus word.
sight word fluency book

2. Stickers are always a hit and great fine motor practice for little fingers! You can have your students fill in the word completely with stickers or use the stickers as a starting point for tracing.

sight word fluency book
In this example, the students will put their finger on the sticker and trace along each letter.

3. Have your students use colorful letters to build each focus word. Since these won’t stay on their book, they can always color the word again for homework! #extrapractice #forthewin 😉

4. Anything with glitter is always fun! Squeezing the bottle is also great fine motor practice. Fair warning…tears may ensue 😉 I also suggest doing this on a separate day, or as a reward for completing their book as the glue needs to dry.
sight word fluency book

Other ideas:

*Glue small pieces of cereal onto each letter
*Dab the letters with bingo dabbers
*Unfold the book and poke the letters with a push pin over a cushy surface like carpet
*Paint the letters with a q-tip

Let’s take a look inside!

Okay! On to the inside of the books! Each book is set up exactly the same so that your students can successfully complete these independently.
On the left, they will read the focus sight word and write it 3 times. This can be done in pencil, crayon, marker, etc. For extra practice, have your students read the words back to you after they finish writing them! On the right, they will search for the word and count how many times they found it.
On the last page, they will circle the focus sight word in each sentence and read them 3 times each. They will color a smiley face after each reading. This is great for repeated sight word fluency practice.
sight word fluency book
As your students finish their fluency books, they can take them home to practice or you can have them keep the books in a baggie in their desk. Then when they have some time during the day, they can take the books out and read them successfully! You can read more about how I teach sight words on my blog here.
Sight Word Fluency Books includes over 200 sight word books AND it also includes an editable page so you can add any words you need!!!
You can grab it in my shop by clicking on the image below!