I am so excited about this morning work, it has been on my to-do list for almost a year and now it’s to-done!!!
I have had a need for something my kinders can do successfully and independently in the morning, that is meaningful and helpful to their learning. I also wanted them to get used to completing work and understanding what “must” be done when they start school.
I created 20 literacy sheets and 20 math sheets. Since my kindergarten is half day and we have a quick short day, I am going to copy the math and literacy pages back to back and have them complete the sheets all at once. I also included a cover page in the file in case you want to make a packet for your students. I am just going to give them one page a day.
Here’s a look at what is covered on the literacy pages:
*Name writing practice
*Tracing and writing upper and lowercase letters
*Identifying letters
*Color word practice
 *Identifying missing letters
 *Tracing and writing sight words
*Rhyming words
 *Tracing and writing simple sentences
*Counting syllables
 Here’s a look at the math pages:
*Name writing practice
*Tracing and writing numbers 1-10
*One-to-one correspondence
*Tracing 2D shapes
 *Identifying 2D shapes
 *Identifying numbers 1-10

I just finished my last day of school yesterday and I am SO ready for summer break, but these make me a little bit excited about going back to school 🙂 {just a little bit lol}
If you’re interested in trying these out in your class, they are discounted until Saturday!
I am planning on making a set for each month, and then bundling them when they’re all done. In the meantime, I am pricing the individual sets so that they will add up to the price of the bundle when it’s done.
What do you have your kids do in the morning?