Last month I posted about our stamping sight word booklets and how much fun we’re having with them. I’ve also received some great feedback from you guys too.  I read every single comment, feedback and message I get, so I heard you guys loud and clear! More generic books, you said! I want to use them any time of year, you begged! Ask and you shall receive! 
I completely revamped my stamping sight word booklets, which now includes over 40 generic books that can be used ANY time of the year! Here’s a preview at some of the booklets included.

Each booklet follows a predictable pattern as the primary focus of these books is sight word practice. There’s only slight variance in a couple of the booklets. Here’s a list at the sight words included right now. 
What Do You See {a}
Cat and Dog {and}
In the Garden {are}
At the Zoo {big}
I Can Be Healthy {can}
This is For You {for}
Things That Go Fast {go}
So Sweet! {had}
Look What I Have {have}
Look What He Has {he}
Community Helpers {help}
It is Here {here}
I Go To School {I}
In the Winter {in}
Here is the Rock Star {is}
Happy Birthday! {it}
Things That Jump {jump}
I Like My School {like}
So Little {little}
In the Ocean {look}
Come With Me! {me}
I Like My Pie {my}
What Does the Farmer Need? {needs}
My New Things {new}
I Am Not Afraid! {of}
Let’s Play in the Snow {on}
Let’s Play! {play}
The Baseball Game {put}
On the Farm {said}
At School {see}
A Lot of Love {she}
Stop, Drop and Roll {that}
How’s the Weather? {the}
Who Lives There? {there}
Delicious Fruit {they}
A Space Adventure {this}
When I Grow Up {up}
What Do We Need? {we}
Let’s Go Camping {where}
We Love Our Earth {will}
WIth My Friends {with}
One of my Facebook followers shared a video of her son reading A Space Adventure. It is adorable! Thanks for sharing Lizzie!
I also love this idea from Tamara R., I had to share with you! 
Here is the “can” freebie if you want to try it!
You can read about how I store my alphabet stamps and what kind of stamps I use {here}!
I love making these booklets, so if you need more words, feel free to let me know and I will add them! If you purchase the booklets, the updates are ALWAYS free! One of my favorite features of TpT!
You can also read more about how I teach sight words {here}.

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