Beginning Sounds Activities Your Students Will Love

Matching sounds to letters is such an important skill when teaching
young learners how to read. We work a lot on matching letters to sounds all throughout kindergarten. We start with beginning sounds because they are the easiest to hear! We do lots of practice orally and once we have the “hearing” mastered, we transfer our skill into writing!

During guided reading groups, I have my students pick a card and verbally tell me the
picture they see on the card. This way I can make sure they know what
the picture is and if they can hear the sounds correctly. After they
tell me the picture, I have them write the letters with a dry erase
marker. If my students aren’t quite ready to write the letters, I have
them use a magnet letters instead.

Throughout the year, we practice listening for ending sounds, middle sounds and finally all the sounds in a word!

You can find this download, which includes 63 CVC cards for beginning sounds in my shop (as well as solutions for middle and ending sounds)!

You can also find this activity in my
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