Each month, I have been working on a set of fun printables to add to our morning routine. These worksheets are a review of skills that have been taught in kindergarten, so that my students are able to complete them independently, while staying engaged! Here’s a peek at what is included for October:
 In September, we practiced all of the consonants, so now we are reviewing the vowel sounds. We also are focusing on beginning sounds in words.
 For math, we are reviewing our numbers to 10 with the added challenge of writing in the missing number! We are still working on one-to-one counting with some cute leaf dice, and reviewing patterning.
Week 2, we are working on writing uppercase and lowercase letters, finding the correct upper and lower case letters, and drawing objects that start with the correct beginning sound.
 In math, we will count and color blocks, use our fingers to subitize and review our math vocabulary “alike”.
 Week 3! Continuation from week 2 as well as an introduction to sight word practice! We are also reviewing our color words which are now on our word wall, so my students know exactly how to complete this page.
 Week 3 math, reviewing making a five by coloring the empty boxes. Counting dominoes and showing a number using circles.
 Week 4, we will continue our sight word practice by tracing each word, writing it in the sentence and coloring the picture to match the sentence.
Again for math, reviewing making a 5, filling in ten frames, sorting objects that belong in a group and reviewing shapes.
You can find these printables in my TpT store {here}.
I’ve also created a “growing bundle” if you think you are interested in having a set for each month! Since I don’t have them all complete yet, I am adding to the bundle as I go. So far it includes August, September and October! Since it’s still growing, it is discounted beyond the bundle discount. If you’re interested, grab it {here}.