Do you use play doh in your classroom? I have never used it before this year. I always had intentions to use it, it just never happened! And my three year old pack of play doh is living proof! I stashed it behind the whiteboard closet for safe keeping, and even though it was shrink wrapped, I swear my class could smell it. They asked me everyday when we were going to use the play doh, so one day I gave in and dove in. With two feet. And I haven’t looked back!!
We started our first station with our letter of the week. I didn’t put the play doh out as an independent center in fear of play doh being shoved in every crevice possible. So my students used it at one of their literacy rotations, and we all watched to make sure they put it away in the correct tub and closed it tight before we rotated. So far, so good! I *think* once we learn appropriate play doh usage I may let go of some control. Maybe.
We also have been using play doh mats during math
Well once I got started, I couldn’t stop. I am addicted to play doh mats! {could it be the smell again??}
I had to make some for our sight words.

And then put some together for some CVC practice!
Did I stop there? No way!! I even made some to practice our shapes!
I think I’m done for now. Unless I make more. And who knows, it may happen. 😉
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