Gobble gobble! Happy almost Thanksgiving y’all!
Our class is preparing for our Thanksgiving performance full of Pilgrims, Indians and turkeys!!! Today we made our costumes for the play.  I wanted to share these super cute and easy turkey headbands we made because, well, they’re super cute and easy!!
Materials needed:
Headband- 3″x18″ brown paper
{I also added some scrap paper to staple on because most of the kid’s heads were rounder than 18″!}
Eyes- 2″x2″ white squares
Beak- 2″x2″ orange square
Waddle- 2″x4″ red rectangle
Feathers- 3 per turkey {we already had feathers prepped for our Native American craft, but you can cut colored construction paper into 5″x9″ rectangles and draw on or free cut feathers}
To assemble:
1. Fold the orange square diagonally to make a beak and glue down to the middle of the headband.
2. Cut the corners off the white squares {I teach my students to cut 4 corners, and then go back and cut 8 corners} and glue them down above the beak.
3. Using squiggly cuts, cut out the waddle from the red rectangle. Glue it down behind the beak.
4. Cut out the feathers and glue them to the back of the brown paper.
5. Use a black crayon and add eyeballs to the eyes.
After the kids finished assembling their turkeys, we measured the headbands and stapled them. My students had an absolute blast gobbling around with their turkey headbands! Can’t wait to see how adorable they are in the play!