I fell in love with these highlighter sticks that I saw on Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten blog…so adorable! So I went to Target to look for some colored transparencies. While in the dollar section, the lady walking in front of me was holding colored file dividers. Then she put them down. SCORE! {I may or may not have stalked her until she put them down.} Anyway, here is how I made them.

$1 for five dividers…can’t go wrong!

Cut the dividers into 1 inch squares. I chose yellow, but all of the colors are transparent enough to work.

Glue them onto Popsicle sticks. I tried tacky glue, didn’t work too well. Stick with the hot glue gun! Hot glue didn’t work either! I would highly recommend Mod Podge!
Use to highlight “brain” words, or words that are repeated a lot in the story.
Can’t wait to try these with my kiddos! I’m thinking I might also make skinny ones in a different color to highlight the shorter words.

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