I love Halloween! It is absolutely my most favorite holiday ever! My kiddos last year really enjoyed these centers! I’ve added 4 centers to my unit to incorporate more skills so if you already own these centers, you can go back and download the updates for free!

I’ve also created a non-Halloween unit since lots of my Facebook fans shared that they can’t celebrate Halloween in their class! The skills are EXACTLY the same in both packs, but just doesn’t include ghosts, witches, or monsters!

Here’s what’s included!


Pumpkin Patch Letter Match

This is a really fun small group game. Students spin the spinner and call out the letter they landed on, then they cover the letter on their board if they have it. 

Emergent Reader

My kiddos LOVE to read these little predictable texts. They get so excited to be able to read books! They are interactive too which makes me that much more engaging! They are practicing reading their sight words and color words.

Candy Corn Match

Practicing matching letters to each beginning sound.

Bobbing for Sight Word Apples

We “bob” for apples by choosing a card from the bowl and writing the sight word on the recording sheet. 

Stirring up Syllables 

{this activity is called Squirrely Syllables in October Games and Centers}

Practicing identifying words by 1, 2, and 3 syllables. They use little bingo daubers to stamp the correct number next to each picture.

Spooky Spin & Cover

{this activity is called Spider Spin & Cover in October Games and Centers}

Spin the spinner then cover the correct beginning sound.

Candy Count
Students roll the candy die and count how many pieces they rolled. Then they trace {or write} the correct number.
 Monster Measurement
{this activity is called Measurement Mania in October Games and Centers}
We are practicing non-standard measurement using monsters!
Ghost with the Most
{this activity is called The Great Pumpkin Race in October Games and Centers}
A fun two-player game to practice identifying more or less.
Gone Batty
A fun two-player game to practice addition to 10.

Sticky Ten Frames

The students pick a ten frame card and figure out how many more are needed to make a ten.

Potion Commotion

A fun two-player game to practice adding numbers to 12.

I found all the little felt bags and themed erasers in the Target Dollar spot and at the Dollar Tree. I *may* need an intervention…

You can find my Halloween Themed Games and Centers or October Games and Centers in my TpT store! They’re on sale this weekend!