My class has been doing *such* a good job with their center work! They are all working so hard and need less and less reminders to stop rolling around on the carpet stay on task while they’re working! I looked around my classroom the other day while they were all working and I thought to myself “is this really happening right now??” Seriously, I think I have the best class EVER!!! 
Okay, enough of the mooshy stuff 😉 I think the reason they are doing so well is because they genuinely ENJOY the centers that we do. Their eyes get all big whenever I introduce a new center, and they literally run to the basket when I excuse them. Melt my heart! I really try to make the centers at their level and something that they feel successful doing, while reinforcing our important concepts. So far, it’s working! And not to toot my own horn, but “toot toot” 😉
I am finishing up preparing my November centers to set out in a few weeks. {How in the world is it already almost November?!} Here’s a peek at what we’ll be doing!
Count the Room
Hang the picture cards around your classroom and have your students record the cards they find on the recording sheet. They love walking around with the clipboard. I think they feel professional 😉 After each student has a chance to walk around, I will put this center in a basket. Then they can pick the cards from the basket, and record the numbers on the sheet. We’ve started to use sheet protectors and dry erase markers at centers to save paper. It works like a charm!
Pilgrim Problem {finding missing numbers}
Turkey Trot {ten frames}
Set the Table {more ten frame practice}
Counting Bingo
I like to use this as a small group game. If I have a parent volunteer, it’s perfect for that center! Sometimes I might even choose a student to be the “caller”. They love that!
This game helps reinforce one-to-one counting and vocabulary. For example, the caller will pull a card and say “two pumpkins”. The students have to find the correct number and type!
Rake, Rattle and Roll
We have a center like that almost every month. The kids get really good at it! And it feels like a different game when the clip art is changed 😉 Most of my kids aren’t ready to add two dice yet, so instead they just count the dots. But it’s great differentiation for my kiddos who are ready!
Basket Full of Sight Words
This is one of my *most favorite* centers! We’re working hard on reading and writing our sight words. They will use the letters on the apples to build the sight words on the basket. Then they will practice writing their words.
Scrumptious Sentences
Unscramble the cards to make a sentence.
Pile ’em Up! {Short vowel sort}
The kiddos will use the little rake to sort the leaves into the correct basket. This is a very tricky skill 😉
CVC Bingo
Sight Word Memory
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