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November Centers Your Students Will Love

With each new month, I like to switch things up with our math and literacy centers. This way students can practice the same skills but in fun new ways that keep them engaged. I love to do my centers in smaller groups so that students can practice key concepts and I can work with small groups on more targeted practice. The best part about these center activities, they are super low prep and simple to get together which is always a bonus!

Engaging center activities so extremely important in early elementary…and it is a huge bonus whenever I can save time on planning and prepping! If you are looking for fun, engaging, low prep centers, look for no further. These Low Prep November Centers are packed full of fun, hands-on, skills-based activities your kindergartners are going to love!

All of these center activities can prepped in just a matter of minutes. Just print and laminate the cards, pair them with supplies and manipulatives you already have on hand and that is it! Each center also comes with an “I Can” card to remind students of what they need to do for each activity.

Math Centers for November

By November, you have probably taught quite a few new math skills to your class. These centers will help students practice those skills and build confidence. The math skills included in the November centers are counting to 12, ten frames to 20, comparing numbers, and adding to make 5.

Let’s take a peek into the November Low Prep Math Centers.

Math centers for the month of November feature low prep, hands on activities for students. These are a great way to master new math skills and practice key concepts while having fun!

Ten Frames to 20

By now you have likely moved beyond numbers to 10 and you working on those dreaded teen numbers. Ten frames are a great way to get students to recognize numbers and what they represent.

I love using ten frames for teen numbers because they provide such a great visual for students as they learn that the teens are 10 plus some more. They can really see that first set of 10 as they practice building numbers beyond it.

Using any small manipulative that you have on hand, students will practice number recognition, building numbers, 1 to 1 correspondence, and counting with these fall ten frame cards.

Adding to Make 5

Check out these awesome, low prep centers for the month of November. These math centers will have your kindergartners practicing and learning new math skills in a fun, hands on way!

This beginning addition activity is so much fun! Using a hands-on, building 5 approach students are introduced to basic addition concepts. Each card has a fun fall theme and uses pictures and manipulatives to get students working on adding two numbers to make 5.

Students also get practice working with equations. These hands-on and visual activities are great for helping students develop a solid understanding of what addition is.

Roll and Cover

This fall themed roll and cover math center is a great way to working counting to 12 and basic addition

This fun dice activity has a game-like feel that students love. Students will roll two dice, count the total, and then find and cover the number on the game board. Your students won’t even realize how much practice they are getting on counting and number recognition with this game.

If you’ve already introduced the concepts of addition, you can also challenge your students to write out an addition equation using the dice. It’s an easy way to differentiate for your students that are ready to move beyond counting.

For your students that need a little more help with counting and 1 to 1 correspondence, consider using larger foam dice with large dots. This allows students to easily touch and count the dots on the dice as they play.

Comparing Numbers with Turkeys

Introduce and practice comparing numbers with this fun turkey themed November math center for kindergarten

What’s November without some cute turkeys? This math center will have your students counting feathers and comparing numbers. It’s another great way to engage students in counting, writing numbers, and analyzing value. Students will then determine which turkey has more.

Have students mark the turkey with more features using a clothespin and you add in a little fine motor practice too! Finding quick and easy ways to weave in fine motor skills in centers is a great way to provide students with daily activities to help build those hand muscles.

Literacy Centers for November

Like the math centers, these November Literacy Centers are helpful in allowing students to practice beginning of the year skills in a fun, engaging way. Students will work on key concepts like beginning sounds, CVC words, sight words, and short a word families.

Let’s take a look at all of the literacy centers in the November Low Prep Centers pack.

Sight Words

Help students practice reading and spelling sight words with these fun turkey cards.

Sight words are something we practice all year and are an important part of learning to read. These sight word cards are great because they can help with reading and spelling.

Students will draw a card and read the sight word that is on the turkey. Then using any type of letter manipulative, they will build the sight word on the turkey feathers.

This fun hands-on sight word center provides students with sight word practice using a variety of methods allowing each card to reinforce both the reading and writing of the words. And . . . it includes an editable version so that you can make cards that match your sight word list!

Beginning Sounds

Students will practice identifying beginning sounds with these fall themed center cards.

Beginning sounds are one of the first skills we teach our kindergarten students after the alphabet. This is an important part of phonemic awareness and one that helps students connect how letters of the alphabet are used to build words.

These beginning sound cards help students practice saying a word, listening for the first sound, and then identifying the letter that makes this sound.

CVC Words

These low prep literacy centers for November focus on practicing and learning key concepts like beginning sounds and sight words. They are fun, hands on and super engaging for students!

As our young students are learning to read, we spend lots of time on blending and segmenting sounds. Blending sounds help with the reading and segmenting helps with spelling. This CVC word building center will have your students using the picture prompts to say a word and then segment the sounds in order to build it. Once students are done I then like them to use the letters and practice blending the sounds to read the word.

Simply add some letter manipulatives with the cards and you have a fun, skills-based activity that will help your students build important reading and writing skills.

Short A Word Families

Word families are a great way to help students with reading words, identifying common sounds and rhyming. Your students will love this hands-on sorting activity with short ‘a’ word families.

Students will lay out the word family cards, then practice reading a word and sorting it into the correct word family. This practice with these important skills will help your students become proficient with phonemic awareness skills that are foundational to reading.

These Low Prep center activities make it easy to set up fun, skill based centers for your students without spending hour on prep work

November Low Prep Centers

You can find all of these fun, hands-on November Low Prep Centers in my shop! After you get them printed and laminated, just add in the other supplies and manipulatives from what you already have on hand. And that is it, you are ready for a month full of fun and learning! And next year . . . these low prep centers become no prep centers!

Save These Low Prep Centers Activities for Later!

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