I spent some of my fabulous winter break updating my January Math and Literacy Centers {and far too much time taking pictures of them! I am a complete perfectionist and it is not a good thing!!!} Here’s a look at the math centers included in my unit, and I thought I’d show you guys how I differentiate each center! I’ll be back later this week with a post on the literacy centers!
Scooping Snowballs:
This activity can be used to practice one-to-one correspondence by having your students scoop “snowballs” onto the mitten and count how many they scooped.
To differentiate, I also included a recording sheet for your students to identify the partners and the sum of the snowballs {you would just want to have them use two colors for manipulatives instead of several colors}
Cold Weather Counting:
Match the objects to the numbers 1-10.
To differentiate, have your students match the tally marks too!
Spinning Snowflakes:
Have your students spin the spinner {using a paperclip and pencil, or a spinner if you have one} and record the number of snowflakes they spun.
To differentiate, have your students spin the spinner twice and add the numbers together!
Or, spin the spinner and subtract from 10.
Cocoa Cover Up:
My students love to play these fun partner games. They can either practice adding with the dice together, or practice adding with number cubes. I made the number cubes from foam cubes I found at the Dollar Tree!

Slip n’ Slide:
This is a fun activity to practice number order with numbers 1-20. After the kiddos put the penguins in order, they can use the recording sheet to trace the numbers 1-20.
To differentiate, have your students write the numbers on their own.
Before and After Boogie:
Using the penguin number cards, your kiddos can pick a penguin number and identify the numbers that come before and after it. They can use the recording sheet with the number line to help them.
Or, for more of a challenge, use a recording sheet with no number line!
Snowman Ten Frames:
Have your students match the numbers 1-10 to their ten frames.
Or, teen numbers if you’re working on those!
I stick all of these centers in our math tubs and slide the recording sheets into write and wipe pockets {or sheet protectors}. This way my students can visit the centers more than one time, and we aren’t wasting paper!
If you’ve already purchased these centers, you can download the updates for free! These centers are available in my TpT store!
I hope you all have a fun New Year’s Eve!