I’m officially freezing and supposedly it’s not even that cold out here in California! I don’t believe it for one second! It could possibly be all this super cold, but super cute, clip art I’ve been staring at for the past several days!


Check out what the kiddos will be doing!

Scooping Snowballs

So those little fuzzies aren’t snowballs…but I like my titles to be alliterative! The kiddos will be excited to scoop them anyway, even if they aren’t frozen 😉


Count and Match
Spinning Snowflakes

Cocoa Cover Up

My kiddos LOVE this game. We have one for every month!
Slip n’ Slide
I am in love with those adorable penguins! They’ll be fun to put in number order, don’tcha think?
Before and After Boogie {see what I mean about the alliteration!}
Snowmen Tens Frames
Marshmallow Match
The words are on marshmallows! haha! too much?
Snowball Sort

Sorting pictures by their medial sound

Colorful Mittens
Practicing sight words and sentence structure

Slippery Sight Words
Roll, Read and Cover
more sight word practice
You can purchase these centers at my TpT store or TN shop.
If you’re back to work this week {bless your soul!}, you can ease your kiddos back in using these fun activities!
Math connection
Writing connection
Or this fun wintry craft!


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