One of the most important skills beginning readers learn is reading sight words by sight. These are not only words that are difficult to phonetically sound out, but also words that they will see SO often. Soon, they will be able to recognize the word and read it without needing to sound it out at all!

How to Teach Sight Words

Color words are the perfect way to introduce reading sight words to your students. These are words they have seen and will continue to see in the real world around them.

One thing that I see often with my students is their ability to read sight words in isolation, but having a tougher time making the connections when they see these words in text. I knew I needed to help guide them in reading the sight words in sentences and provide them with repeated practice to ensure success.

Free Colors Word Practice

These sight word pages are great because we start with their strength, reading each sight word in isolation. Then we use the skills we’ve learned to read each word in a sentence. I like having the kiddos highlight the sight word in each sentence to help the word stand out.

This free download includes 11 of the most common color words for your students to practice reading and improve their reading fluency as well.
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