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FREE Kindergarten Reading Fluency Passages

It’s so amazing to watch little learners learn to read! Considering that kindergarten students begin the year learning letters and sounds, it’s so exciting to see them budding as readers by the end of the year. As they switch from reading words to sentences, their confidence begins to soar! You can keep this motivation and momentum going by using decodable passages in your classroom. Check out these free kindergarten reading fluency passages to get started!

Using Reading Fluency Passages in Kindergarten

Reading fluency passages can help your budding readers practice reading a variety of common word families. Plus, the predictable routine provided by these passages helps students become more confident readers. Here’s an example of an instructional routine using these free kindergarten reading fluency passages:

Step One: Review Word Family

Each of the free fluency passages focuses on one decodable word family. The first step is to review this word family by having students touch and read each word in isolation. This will help them visualize the phonics pattern, which will help them read the passage more fluently.

Step Two: Go On a Word Hunt

Students love this part! Before you read the passage, give students a chance to find the focus words in the text of the passage. Students can highlight, circle, or underline the words to serve as a visual reminder of the word family. This will help them read the passage more fluently.

Step Three: Read the Passage

The next step is to have students use their knowledge of the phonics pattern and additional sight words to read the passage. Prior to reading the passage, you could have students make predictions about what the story will be about based on the word bank and the title. This can help them activate prior knowledge, which will improve their comprehension of the passage.

The simple sentences in the short passage make this an approachable task for your beginning readers. They will feel so successful as they decode a fluency passage for the first time!

Step Four: Write About the Passage

Writing is another great way for students to practice the phonics patterns from the fluency passage. Let students choose their favorite sentence from the short story and have them write it down. They can also illustrate their sentence in the space provided. Visualizing what they have read is another important part of reading comprehension, so this is a great time to practice!

Step Five: Repeat

Give students the chance to read the fluency passage multiple times. Repeated readings can help students improve their fluency and build confidence. Students can color in a star on the worksheet each time they read the passage.

Step Six: Practice at Home

The best part of printable fluency passages is that they are easy for students to take home for additional practice. They are always so excited to show off their reading skills to their families! You could even email the guardians to let them know their child will be bringing home a reading fluency passage that they’ve been working on. This gets the parents and the students excited to look over the passage at home. This is a great way to create a sense of community with families!

When to Use Reading Fluency Passages in Kindergarten

You can add reading fluency practice to many parts of your daily routine! You can decide on a time that works best for you and your students. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Small Group Intervention – You can use reading fluency passages during your small group reading intervention time. Since you can choose passages based on specific phonics patterns, it’s an easy way to provided targeted skill practice during intervention.
  • Literacy Centers – You could incorporate reading fluency passages into your literacy center rotation. Students could rotate to a small group instructional setting with you or another adult helper and work through specific reading passages.
Decodable passages printed off on colorful paper
  • Homework – You could incorporate reading fluency passages into your homework routine. For example, students could complete most of the activity at school and then do the repeated readings at home. Since the routine for each passage is the same, you could also send home a blank reading fluency passage worksheet for students to complete at home. It would be easy for students to get into the rhythm of working on these fluency passages for homework.
  • Morning Work – You could create a packet of reading fluency passages for students to practice when they get to class in the morning. This is a good way to give students a quick win at the beginning of the school day and help them ease into a day of learning.

No matter when you decide to add more fluency practice to your daily routine, your students will reap the benefits! They’ll become more confident as they hear themselves reading entire passages of decodable text. This confidence will motivate them to keep practicing since they will begin to view themselves as readers. They’ll enter first grade ready to master additional phonics patterns and read longer passages!

Download the Free Kindergarten Reading Fluency Passages

Have you been looking for decodable reading fluency passages to use in your kindergarten classroom? Be sure to grab this free download! It includes a total of nine reading fluency passages that will help your students become more confident in their decoding skills. The short passages are the perfect length for beginning readers!

Inside this download, you’ll find fluency passages that focus on short vowels, long vowels, blends, and digraphs. Each passage also includes common kindergarten sight words. Just fill out your information in the form below and I’ll send these free kindergarten reading fluency passages directly to your inbox!

Use these short vowel reading fluency worksheets to get your students practicing their literacy skills in different but repetitive ways.

Free Decodable Passages

Help your students make the leap from decoding words to reading with fluency! These fluency passages are designed to give kids successful reading practice to help students become strong readers!

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Free kindergarten reading fluency passages