I sure love summer time, but I am excited for fall to arrive! It’s such a fun season with back to school, sweater/boot combinations and pumpkin spice lattes! Ooh, I’m getting excited just thinking about it! So naturally, I had a really good time putting together my Fall Math and Literacy Centers!

I set these up just like the centers I use throughout the year to help with flow and consistency. I always introduce the centers as a whole group first, so that my students understand exactly what to do. At the beginning of the year we practice them two or three times all together before they to into independent centers. I also include a recording sheet that goes with each center, but we don’t always use it. Usually, if I need a quick assessment to see how my kiddos are doing with the concept, but I think the hands on experience is much more valuable. Here’s a look at what’s included!

Counting Crayons

Matching groups of crayon to the correct crayon box.

School Supply Count

My students *love* this one because they get to use the fun clothespins to clip their answers!

Apples, Apples, in a Tree!

I found those little pom-poms at the Dollar Tree and seriously, I use them for everything! {You might remember them as meatballs!} This time, they are apples that need to be placed in the tree!

Apple Seeds

I put all the apples in a basket and the kiddos pick them out one at a time. Then they add the correct amount of “seeds” to each apple. I used sunflower seeds in this picture, but you can also use dry black beans or anything you have on hand!

In My Basket

Match the apples to the right basket by counting the seeds. I included number words to help my students practice with these.

Pumpkin Patch

Each vine has a missing number and the kiddos find the right pumpkin to add to the vine. Not all of the cards start with 1, so they practice counting on from different numbers. A very tough skill!!

Schoolhouse Match

This is a fun review of identifying and matching upper and lowercase letters. When we do this whole group, I give each student a letter and they have to find their match. Then we put it in the chart in ABC order.

Apple Picking

This is a “write the room” activity which is fun and helps get the kids up and moving. I tape the apples around the room and my students walk around with a clipboard finding the apples.  They write down the words they find and color the apples when they get back to their seats.

Beginning Sounds Backpacks

Matching the picture on the lunchbox with the correct beginning sound. This is also a great pocket chart activity.

Acorn Alphabet

Similar to the pumpkin patch activity, finding the missing letters on the acorns.

Rhyme Time

Rhyming is so hard at the beginning of the year! We practice it *a lot*!! For this activity, the kids find the pumpkins that rhyme and place them on the scarecrow’s arm.

Syllable Sort

We learn how to clap out syllables {and also how to feel syllables by putting our hands under our chins! Every time our hand moves it counts as a syllable} and sort the leaves in the correct baskets. We only focus on words with 1 and 2 syllables at the beginning of the year!

I hope you found some ideas that you might be able to use! If you are interested in these centers, they are available in my TpT store!

I also have more centers for the year in my shop too!

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