Sooo I don’t go back to school until September {hate me now…but you’ll be laughing come May!} but I’ve had several requests for my Back to School centers so I figured I’d post them now! These centers are great for whole group, small group or independent work! There are 5 math centers, 6 literacy centers and a fun little alphabet craft {that will be posted soon!} Here’s a peak at each center:
 Counting cookies- matching the cookies on the cookie sheets to the numbers on the ovens.
Roll & Write- practicing writing numbers 1-6. You can use a numbered die instead of a dotted die {is that what they’re called!?} so your students can copy if they don’t quite know how to write their numbers yet.
How Many Meatballs?- fine motor practice while matching “meatballs” to the numbers on the bowls. I found the fun little tongs in the Target dollar spot and the “meatballs” are pom poms!
Getting in Shape! After eating all of those cookies, you gotta get in shape 😉 The kids will roll the shape cube and color in the corresponding shape.
Scoop & Sort- have your students scoop up tiny manipulatives {pom poms, unifix cubes, buttons, etc.} and sort them on the color mat.
Oven Mitt Matching- this fun game will help your students match uppercase and lowercase letters. I stuck all the uppercase letters inside of the oven mitt and have my students pick out one letter at a time. Then they color the matching lowercase letter.
Mix it Up! Practice sorting letters from numbers.
Baggin’ Up Beginning Sounds- flip the cookie from the cookie sheet into the correct bag by matching the picture with its beginning sound. My students love to pretend they’re really baking! This center focuses on m, r, s, and t since those are the letters we start with.
Who Stole the Cookie? This is a fun whole group game to practice identifying letter names. Hide the cookie behind one of the letters and ask your students, “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” When they guess a letter, they pull it out of the pocket chart to see if they’re right!
Scrumptious Sight Words- this is a fun way to introduce sight words. Laminate each card so your students can trace with dry-erase markers!
Make a Match- Make a PB & J sandwich by matching the picture to the correct beginning sound.
The little sandwich container was 44 cents at Michaels! Score!
My blogging friend Heather came up with the cutest little song to go with this center!
{to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”}

A on the peanut butter says /a/ /a/ /a/, /a/ /a/ /a/, /a/ /a/ /a/, The a
on the peanut butter says /a/ /a/ /a/ -It loves the alligator jelly.
Finally, I have an *adorable* little alphabet soup craft that I will put up as a bulletin board! I will share it as soon as it’s finished!!
You can find these fun and engaging centers in my TpT store!