The creators of Rhyme to Read and I are excited to announce that this
highly effective reading program is now available in digital download
Rhyme to Read is a great program designed to support beginning readers.
This program emphasizes word family chunks which are color-coded to
assist children in discriminating different word patterns. The only
prerequisites are the recognition of letters and knowledge of
letter-sound connections. Rhyme to Read enables children to feel
confident as they enter the world of reading!
Rhyme to Read is comprised of 20 short vowel guided reading books
that focus on specific word families and common sight words. It is a great, systematic way to teach beginning readers how to read using important chunks in words.

 On the left-hand side of the book, students will pre-read the word family words that the will see in the story. The sight word they need to know is also highlighted in the top right corner so they can practice that as well. It is SO good for students to preview words before reading so that they are successful when reading the words in a sentence!

All the books
come in both color and gray-scale so you can print what works for you!
Here are 3 suggestions for how to assemble the books!

Kids feel successful while they learn how to read!

You can try Book 1: Pat, the at family story for FREE by clicking on the image below!
Each book builds on previous skills taught so that your students are
practicing new word family chunks, as well as reviewing ones they have
already learned. The word families are introduced before the sentence on
each page with kid friendly illustrations so your students can feel
successful in their reading! They will love to read these books over and
over again!

Along with 20 books, this download also comes with 5 supplemental games
and activities for each short vowel to help your students practice
reading the word family words. They can be used as independent centers,
partner games or small group activities!

Cut and Glue Sentences & Sentence Scrambles
These activities are helpful in allowing your students to read the word family words and sight words out of context, while also helping them practice sentence structure!
 The sentence scrambles are a fun hands-on center as well! Your students will rearrange the words to create a sentence from the story!

Here’s a little video of sentence scrambles in action!

The Bingo game comes with word cards and 6 word mats to use during small groups. The cards also include picture support if needed! After you call the word out, you can show your students the card if they need assistance finding it on their mat.

After playing a few games, you can modify the game to make it new again! This time, choose a student to be a word caller and read the word cards to the rest of the group. You can also pass the cards around the table and alternate word callers. The students love any chance to be “in charge” 😉
Other ideas:
Have students work in partners with one Bingo mat and help each other.
Play black out so students need to cover all the words, or 3-in-a-row.
Have your students read the words on their mat back to you after getting Bingo!

Spell It!
Have your students build the word family words using magnetic letters or dry-erase markers! Each short vowel has 4 word family mats and 2 mixed vowel mat. You can also have your students play “fill it up”, a fun two-player game. Each student gets a mat and a tub of magnet letters. They take turns picking letters out of the tub and see if it fits on their mat. Whoever fills up their mat first wins!

Word Sorts
Help your students differentiate word family words by sorting the word cards. There is a hands-on center for your students to practice as well as cut & paste words sorts.
“Don’t be Piggy” card game 
Students will stack all the cards upside down in a pile and take turns choosing a card. They read the word on the card and decide if they want to choose another card or pass to the next player. If they try too many cards in a row and become “piggy” they may choose a Don’t be Piggy! card which is kind of like a bankrupt! If they choose this card, they put all the cards they earned on that turn back in the deck!
All of these activities are included for each short vowel!
Your students will be reading like rockstars with the help of this program! You can find it in my TpT store by clicking on the image below! 
Or SAVE when you purchase the bundle!

Fluency Families are also a great complement to these guided reading books! A perfect way to practice reading word family words fluently!

You can try this -at family fluency for free by visiting my TpT store!