One of the most important skills for beginning readers to attain is
fluency in reading. Fluency means the ability to read text quickly and
accurately. When students gain an understanding of word families, and
start to see “chunks” in words, they become better readers. Instead of
sounding out each phoneme, or sound, in the word, they are able to
transfer what they know about “chunks” and apply it to their reading.
Word family fluency is a great way for your students to practice reading
accurately and fluently.
I put together some word family fluency practice to help my kiddos with their reading fluency. I grouped all the word family words on a ring for my students to flip through and practice reading.
The word family chunks are color coded to help your students see each chunk!
These cards can also be copied onto colored paper to help differentiate each word family!
I also included some words with blends for your “advanced” readers 😉
The other fluency page is all on one sheet. You can slide the page into sheet protectors and keep them in a binder at your reading table! This would be great quick practice before starting your reading groups!
The students can roll a dice, or you can just tell them which row to read.

In our classroom, we use the large foam dice I found at the Dollar Tree because large
dice makes any game fun 😉 I introduce this game during guided reading
groups. My students took turns rolling the dice, finding the matching
number on the paper, and touching each word as they read it. Some of
these students, who knew 0 letters and 0 sounds at the beginning of
kindergarten were reading like champs!! #happyteacher

We call our reading fluency the “dice game” so that there’s less pressure when we’re learning how to read. Here’s a short video of one of my students demonstrating how to play the game. Since we were just working on the “at” family words, we only used that mat. As we learn more word families, we use more!

You can try the at family fluency for free in my TpT shop by clicking the image below!

You can also find the rest of the short vowel word family words in my store.

Reading Words in Sentences

After working on our word family fluency, we moved onto reading those words in sentences! Again, I grouped all the word family words on rings for my students to flip through. They are color coded as well.
The strips can also be copied onto colored paper to help differentiate each word family.
The word family words are paired with common sight words to help my students practice reading simple sentences.
The sentences are also included on one sheet of paper so we can play the “dice game” with our sentences too 🙂
You can also find these Fluency Families Words in Sentences in my TpT store.
If you are looking for long vowel fluency practice, you can find those in my shop as well.