I love a good party, especially when it comes to crafting! And I also l.o.v.e. to shop! So Teri, April and I were super excited when Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores asked to sponsor a crafting linky party and told us to get to shopping!

I knew I needed to finish up some bulletin boards in our room, so I headed straight to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store and picked up these adorable library pockets and polka dotted borders. Jo-Ann has the best teaching supplies area and craft supplies! AND they offer teachers a 15% off discount on every purchase, every day! You can sign up for their teacher rewards {here} or at any Joann Fabric and Craft store!

Here’s a look at our class jobs bulletin board I crafted!
I laminated the library pockets so that they’ll hold up through the year, and used an exacto knife to re-open the pocekts. Then I used my favorite double sided tape and attached the job labels onto the pockets. I decided to print out little cards to match my polka dot theme, laminated them and slid them into the pockets. The students’ names will be written inside the little white box. The students who don’t have jobs for the week will “wait” in the early bird and late bird pockets.
 I split my jobs up between my early bird class and my late bird class so each student has a chance to participate. Here are the jobs we have:
Line Leader- always the first person in line
Caboose- always the last person in line and helps pump hand sanitizer before snack
Door Monitor- holds the door open for us
Flag Leader- leads us in the pledge during Calendar time
Table Monitor- wipes down the tables and tidies up the supply caddies
Trash Monitor- empties our classroom trash into the large bin in the hall and picks up scraps off the floor

Each week we will rotate the cards inside of the pockets. There will always be a new line leader and the rest of the cards will rotate to the right. For example, last week’s line leader will be this week’s caboose. Last week’s caboose will be this week’s door monitor. And so on. The trash monitor will be put back in the “waiting pocket” and wait for his/her next job.
Now it’s your turn! Want to join our linky party? Grab your scissors, glue, and scrapbook paper and get ready for some fun! Then write a blog post sharing your classroom craft, add our linky party button and link it up below! 

And guess what!? Joann Fabric and Craft Stores love to encourage teachers to craft in their rooms! The members of Jo-Ann’s Inspiration Team will judge shared linky party blog posts and award one $50 gift card to three bloggers that link and share the most innovative, creative or impactful project that engages students in the learning process and/or enhances the classroom as a learning environment. 

The link up will be open until Monday, September 23rd, and the winners will be announced shortly after!