My students are loving our Add & Reveal cards! They are set up similarly to Read & Reveal so they’re super familiar with them…and anything with a hidden piece is always fun 😉
One of our kindergarten standards is to add and subtract fluently, so we practice lots! These cards make the mundane task a lot more fun!
Here’s how they work:
The students choose a card {depending on what skill they’re working on, more on that below!} and read the equation.
In the beginning, when we are learning, I do not expect my students to
solve these fluently, which is why I included visual support. In this example, they will read “3 plus one more”. They will use what they know about addition to solve this problem. 
Once they are confident with their answer, they will unclip the card to *reveal* the sum!
Once they become more confident with their addition fluency, you can take away the visual support and use only number symbols.

I have included cards for several addition skills!
Addition plus 0

Addition plus 1
Addition plus 5
Addition plus 10
Doubles Facts
Mixed addition to 10
Mixed addition to 20
Helpful Tips:
*Print the cards on thick cardstock and laminate them for durability! They will be handled often so you’ll want them to stay intact!
*You can also print each skill on a different colored cardstock so they are easy to organize by skill.
*Store the cards you aren’t using in plastic bags or small plastic bins with labels! {see how I organize my Read & Reveal cards here}
*Find fun clothespins on clearance at Michaels or Joanns after holidays, or pick them up in the Target Dollar Spot!