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Read & Reveal Decoding Words Cards Blending and Segmenting Science of Reading


Let’s build strong readers! Help your students practice sounding out and reading words rather than relying on picture clues to read using this proven strategy. After sounding out the word and blending the sounds together, your students will love getting to reveal the picture to check their reading! With over 500 words to help your students…

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Reading practice your students will LOVE! Read and Reveal cards are a fun, interactive way to help your students practice reading and blending words that follow phonics patterns, including CVC wordsblends & digraphsmagic e wordsvowel teams, and more! This is the perfect activity to build students’ anticipation and excitement about letter sounds and develop early literacy skills.

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Play is an important part of a kindergartener’s day, and these reading games incorporate play in a purposeful way! Your students will be masters at reading in no time! These letter-sound task cards are low-prep and are suitable for a year-round activity. This unique read and reveal approach is extremely motivating to the students and builds their confidence as they learn to read.

How To Use Read and Reveal Cards:

  1. Students will touch and say each sound in the word.
  2. After they decode each sound, they will blend the sounds together to read the word.
  3. Once they feel confident with reading the word, they will unfold the card to reveal a picture and check to see if they read it correctly!

Use these cards for:

  • guided reading groups
  • literacy centers
  • station work
  • independent practice

What’s included?

Over 400 words to help your students practice reading and blending words that follow phonics patterns:

⭐ CVC Words Read and Reveal

  • 32 short a words
  • 16 short e words
  • 24 short i words
  • 24 short o words
  • 24 short u words

⭐ Blends and Digraphs Read and Reveal

  • 32 beginning blends
  • 48 ending blends
  • 8 beginning digraphs
  • 8 ending digraphs

⭐ Magic e Words Read and Reveal

  • 20 long a words
  • 20 long i words
  • 16 long o words
  • 8 long u words
  • 20 CCVCe words

⭐ Vowel Teams Read and Reveal

96 vowel team words

  • ai words
  • ay words
  • ea words
  • ee words
  • ie words
  • igh words
  • oa words
  • ow words
  • ue words
  • ew words

⭐ R-Controlled Vowels Read and Reveal

60 r-controlled vowels

  • ar words
  • er words
  • ir words
  • or words
  • ur words

⭐ Diphthongs Read and Reveal

68 diphthongs

  • oo words {as in boot}
  • ui words
  • oi words
  • oy words
  • au words
  • aw words
  • augh words
  • ou words
  • ow words {as in cow}

Plus, this bundle also includes the Letter Sounds Read and Reveal as a special BONUS file!

See what other teachers are saying: 

“I LOVE this resource and so do my students!! It is such a quick and effective way to get the students to practice sounding out and reading all of the different words. Such an awesome resource!” -Tayler M.

“I use this everyday for homeschooling this year. I have a first grader that still needs to learn his sight words as he learns how to read. He loves trying to sound out the words and open the flap to see if he is correct. The dots at the bottom of the words remind him to sound out each letter. I bought small colored clothespins to hold the flap down which is even more fun for him! Highly recommend!” -Christie B.

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Read & Reveal Decoding Words Cards Blending and Segmenting Science of ReadingRead & Reveal Decoding Words Cards Blending and Segmenting Science of Reading