Super Sight Word Spellers!

Sight words are such an integral part of early literacy.  Not only do they help our students become better readers, but they also become much more confident in their learning when they feel successful! Sight words comprise almost 75% of children’s’ text, so it is very important to practice, practice, practice! You can read more about how I explicitly teach sight words in this blog post. Today, I want to share with you a super fun way to get your students excited about practicing reading and writing their sight words!
Super Sight Word Spellers {spelling task cards}
Super Sight Word Spellers are a collection of 18 task cards that provide your students with fun, hands-on ways to practicing spelling their sight words! You can set up the task cards in your word work station, writing station or any other convenient place in your classroom or home.
I printed out 4 of the task cards and placed them in these cute frames. I found the adorable pedestal frames at Michaels {seriously how cute is the chevron!} and you can also find them at Ikea!
I just thought it would be a fun and unique way to make this station feel more special to my students, but you definitely don’t need frames to use these task cards in your classroom. You can simply place them in a basket or hole punch the corners and keep them together with a ring instead.
Each task card includes a written explanation as well as a visual sample so that it’s super kid friendly. At this center, my students will use letter stamps {one of their favorite tools!} to stamp their sight words on their paper. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to really practice each sight word. They have to think about each letter in the word, find the stamp and then stamp it in the correct order.
Another fun way to get your students excited about writing the sight words is by allowing them to use their “fancy writing”. For the majority of the school day, we focus so much on making our writing legible and using our neatest handwriting, that it’s fun to be allowed to write in a “fancy” way every now and again!
We also apply other important language skills while writing our sight words. In this task, we are first ordering the words in alphabetical order and then writing them on our paper.
My favorite thing about these little frames is that they double frames. You can display a picture on both the front and the back! So it only made sense that I printed out the words for my students to practice and place them behind each task card!
I also will have my students use our word wall words to complete each task since my focus this year is to be better about using our word wall!
Here’s a look at all the sight word task cards included!
I also created a set that directs students to practice their spelling words instead so that they can be used for more than one skill.Super Sight Word Spellers {spelling task cards}
You can have your students use the recording sheets provided, or have them write their words in a notebook or on loose leaf paper. This center lends itself to simplicity! You can use as much or as little as you need!Super Sight Word Spellers {spelling task cards}
You can grab these spelling task cards in my shop!