My favorite time of the year is here, sharing classroom pictures!! One of my all time favorite things about teacher blogs is getting a glimpse into other teachers’ classrooms! I love that I can visit so many wonderful classrooms and never even have to change out of my PJs 😉 I waited a couple of weeks before taking pictures of my classroom so that the walls weren’t totally bare! I am SO excited to share them with you today!

Where the learning happens! I love our meeting place! 
This is where we have our students gather in the morning, and before we start a lesson.
The clothesline hangs across the room to hold various projects. I am obsessed with it! It makes our room like so cheerful! We made those adorable self portraits during the first week of school. You can find the idea {here} and the templates {here}.
This is one of my favorite bulletin boards! {Well actually, I love all the bulletin boards in my room so that’s not really fair ;)} It will show off lots of great student work!
This board houses our monthly dictation. Each month, we take a picture with a cute prop, complete a sentence frame and illustrate our drawings. At the end of the year, we put all the pages together into a cute memory book. It’s fun to look back and see all the growth that occurred during their kindergarten year! {those extra spaces are for new students! Can you believe we started out the year with only 26 kiddos!?}
 On the first day of school, we read Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and wrote about how we got ready for kindergarten! Then we took a picture holding our K for kindergarten 🙂
You can grab the dictation pages for each month {here}.
We also learned all about shapes! You can grab these shape poems {here}. I printed them two to a page so they are a little smaller.
Here’s another bulletin board for more student work. I love the color combo on this one!
Our Wonderful Word Wall! We will add lots of words to it all year long!
Here’s a look at our small group table.
The board behind it has our 100’s chart for calendar, our daily schedule, and our writing posters!
 And here’s a look at our adorably beautiful calendar wall {if I do say so myself ;)}
The black and white banner is from the party aisle at Target! It’s meant to be used as a chalkboard banner, but I glued bulletin board letters onto it instead. To read more about how we do calendar in our classroom {click here}.
The calendar set is from Creative Teaching Press.
 Grab the “I Lost a Tooth” sign and notes {here}.
As part of our school wide PBIS, we worked together as a class to illustrate the first rule of our school, “Stop, Think and Solve.” Each table group worked together to come up with a way to “Stop, Think and Solve” in our classroom. Then they illustrated the picture. They always turn out so cute!
 And finally, I updated our sharp and dull pails with cute little signs and ribbon and I love how they turned out!
Hope you enjoyed the little tour!

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