My students are absolutely rocking their letters and sounds and learning how to blend CVC words. They’ve been doing really well with their fluency families and blending words in their guided reading books, but when it came to reading CVC words in isolation, it was a whole different story! They were guessing, and saying random sounds and what in the world happened to my little readers!? So as I was brainstorming ideas to help them blend CVC words in isolation, this fun idea came to me!
I created these fun little cards to give my students the practice reading CVC words. I didn’t want them to see the picture and “read” the picture, so I hid it behind a flap! I used these adorable mini clothespins {that I had leftover from decorating a baby shower which is why they’re glittery ;)} so my students could unclip the card after they read the word and see if they read it correctly!
 I stuck all the cards in a basket and set it out on the table during guided reading. My students took turns picking a card, reading the word and checking to see if they read it correctly. As an incentive, I told my kiddos they could keep the card in front of them if they read it right, but they had to put it back if they didn’t blend the word correctly. This was a definite motivator!
 My students practiced reading by touching each letter, saying each sound and then sliding their finger along the arrow to blend the sounds together.
 After reading the word, they unclipped the clothespin to reveal the picture!
 They loved this game and I can already see an improvement in their reading!
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