As a Kindergarten teacher, I always find myself singing songs! And I’m not talking about “Days of the Week” or “normal” songs you would sing throughout the day…I mean I sing everything. It’s not my fault that kids respond better to singing than to talking {must be all that TV!} So if I want my students to write their names on their papers, I will sing “your name goes at the top, your name goes at the top, don’t forget your name goes at the top!” I usually just make them up as I go. Hidden talent 😉
Anyway, I realized the other day that I made up a REALLY COOL song! I think I made it up anyway…I don’t want to take credit if I didn’t! But I wasn’t quite sure how to google it. If you’ve heard it before, please let me know!
As previously mentioned, my summer school class WILL NOT STOP TALKING is kind of loud. Reallllly annoying! So I sang this song to them and they all of a sudden started singing along!
And then they were quiet and they earned a marble!!
So just thought I’d share! You can get your copy of the song here!

I also compiled a file of many songs that I use in the classroom which you can purchase at my TpT store!


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