One of the best things I ever introduced to my students were picture direction cards. As I verbally give directions for an assignment, I put up a picture card so that my students know exactly what to do. It really eliminates mistakes and the “what do I do now??” question. I’m sort of obsessed with picture direction cards! I can’t even tell you how much they have helped with my lack of patience while giving directions to my class 😉
Honestly, I think this is the best classroom management tool I’ve ever
used in my classroom! I am such a visual person and many of my students
are too, so it really eliminates lots of mistakes for my kiddos who
can’t remember 3-step directions {which lets face it…most of them ;)}.
I adhered a little magnet strip to the back of the pictures so that as I
give my students a direction verbally, I can quickly add a direction
icon to the board. I *finally* got smart enough to add numbers to my
icons so that I don’t have to write them anymore. My kids really love
them too!
I created a card for almost any direction you can imagine!
I also had several requests to create some in Spanish for those teachers who teach in a dual language class. {thank you to my Spanish speaking friends for your help with these!}
Well I’m excited to announce that I now have these direction icons in bright colors, primary colors and black and white! You can check them out by clicking on each image below.