It’s no secret that I have an unhealthy obsession with fonts. They just make me giddy! When I dabbled in making fonts last year, THE Kimberly Geswein commented about turning my handwriting into a font. I finally worked up the courage and had the great pleasure of collaborating with her on a new, super kindergarten friendly font!
I still can’t believe I have a KG font named after me! #someonepinchme #okaydontreally
How stinkin’ adorable is it!? I can’t stop looking at it because I think it’s so cute!
{p.s. Kimberly definitely doctored up my handwriting, it is nowhere near this perfect!}
My favorite thing about the font is that it has ALL kindergarten friendly letters AND numbers! I cannot wait to start using it for my classroom project!
And you can use it too! Kimberly offers ALL of her fonts as free downloads for your own personal use! If you’re making projects just for your class, you don’t need to purchase any type of license to use her font! However, if you want to use it in products that you are selling, you will need to purchase a font license. {or if you’re a font addict like me, purchase her unlimited font license so you can use as many fonts as you’d like ;)}
So go ahead, download this font and swoon away 😉

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