I remember going through school and loving math. It was one of my favorite subjects! I felt really confident in math, which I think is why I loved it so much. As a teacher, I want my students to love math as much as I do. So I’m always looking for ways to make it fun, hands-on and engaging!
My amazing teammates and I make learning numbers fun by using poems to teach the correct number formation. It also really helps our students understand exactly how each number needs to be formed. I created some number formation posters that you can print out and back on cute paper to match your room decor. You can grab these for FREE by clicking on the image below!
There are two poem options for number 5 and number 7, you can choose which works best for your students.
After we learn how to correctly number formation, we practice writing the numbers with our finger in the air, on the carpet, and even on our neighbor’s back 😉
My teammate Alison was also able to get these posters printed for us! We hung them on our door and practiced our numbers and number formation before leaving for the day. You can download this number poster {here}.Then print it at an office supply store like Staples so you can get a large poster size. We laminated ours so we can write on it using a dry-erase marker.
A few months ago, I updated my Number Practice Printables so if you already own them, you can grab all the fun updates for free!! Each number {0-20} comes with two practice pages all  aligned to Common Core standards!
number formation practice
The math practice pages 0-10 include our number formation poem on the top so that the students can review it at home with mom and dad. Why we didn’t think of this before, we will never know! {I also included a customizable file in this download so you CAN edit these poems if you need to!}
 On each page, the students will:
*trace and write the number
*show the number in a tens frame
*color in the number word
*find the number using a crayon, marker or bingo dauber {we’ll switch it up to keep it interesting!}
*build the number on the unifix cubes
*hop to the number on the number line {we start using the number line when we practice addition and I realized last year that most of my students had no idea how to use it!}
number formation practice
On the back, the students will:
*Create a sentence using the number word and any noun
*Illustrate the sentence in the frame
*Color the correct number of stars
number formation practice
 These pages can be printed back to back or can be used separately. You can also decide to print them on cardstock and laminate them or stick them in a sheet protector and have your students complete them using a dry-erase marker.
 I also added these math practice printables for more fun!
math practice pages math practice pages math practice pages
You can download the updates or purchases these printables in my shop!
I also had several requests to include more number practice so you can find numbers 21-50 {here}!
or the bundle of both sets {here}!