Reading Fluency in Kindergarten

Reading fluency is one of the most important skills for kindergarteners to develop as they learn to read. Reading fluency is the ability to read text quickly and accurately. Once they have a strong grasp of their letters and sounds, they begin sounding out and decoding words. A great way to teach your students to read fluently is by using word families.

Word Family Fluency

To practice our word family reading fluency, we say words orally and listen for the chunks in words. My students start by coming up with words in the “at” family and we sing our word family song. We use our knowledge of word families to help with our reading fluency!

When students gain an understanding of word families and start to see “chunks” in words, they become stronger readers. Instead of sounding out each phoneme, or sound, in the word, they are able to transfer what they know about “chunks” and apply it to their reading. Word family fluency is a great way for your students to practice reading accurately and fluently.

Reading Fluency Game

This reading fluency game is one of our favorites! We use these large foam dice I found at the Dollar Tree. Large dice makes any game fun and since they are foam, they aren’t loud! Teacher win, am I right?! 🙂

I introduce this game during guided reading groups. The students take turns rolling the dice, finding the matching number on the paper, and touching each word as they read it. This also helps them practice 1-to-1 correspondence and tracking. Some of the students who knew 0 letters and 0 sounds at the beginning of kindergarten were reading like champs!

Here’s a short video of one of my students demonstrating how to play the game. Since we are just working on the “at” family words, we only used this mat. As we learn more word families, we will use more! You can try out the “at” family fluency in your classroom too! Grab the free download {here}.

Reading Fluency Practice

Lastly, I want to share a couple more reading fluency resources that I love to use in the classroom, and are also perfect for distance learning or simply incorporating more technology in your day.

Reading Fluency Passages

The first is this Reading Fluency Passages Bundle. The passages focus on different phonics skills so your students can get a lot of repetition with each skill. They are interactive and fun for the kids and work seamlessly on Seesaw or Google Classroom.

reading am family and at family words with fluency

Digital Reading Fluency Practice for Distance Learning

The reading fluency passages are also available in a digital format so your students can practice their reading fluency at home if needed. They are all organized by phonics skill so you can assign to them the skill they need to work on.

digital reading fluency practice for Boom Cards

You can try out 9 of the reading fluency passages for FREE too! Enter your information below and I will email you the free download.

Use these short vowel reading fluency worksheets to get your students practicing their literacy skills in different but repetitive ways.

Free Decodable Passages

Help your students make the leap from decoding words to reading with fluency! These fluency passages are designed to give kids successful reading practice to help students become strong readers!


  1. Love your word family fluency, Hadar! I downloaded the freebie a few weeks back and will be buying the bundle soon! Can't wait to try this the Rhyme to Read app with my kiddos!

    One Sharp Bunch

  2. This is a terrific post. I am going to see if we can download this onto our iPads now:) Thanks!

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