Right before break, I introduced transition task cards to my class. They absolutely loved them! What are transition task cards you ask?? Well, let me tell you!
Transition task cards are a fun way to review key concepts while transitioning to a new task! In our class, we transition a lot. Every 15-20 we’re on to something new; that’s quite a lot of moving if you ask me! So I thought, why not use this time to review some of the important concepts we’re working so hard to learn!?
I typed up 48 question prompts that I wanted to review with my students and made sure they were hitting those important common core standards. I printed the math questions on red card stock and the language questions on yellow card stock so that I had some idea of which type of question I was picking out of the basket.
After my students clean up and line up for the next activity, I pull a task card out of the basket and read it aloud. My students answer chorally while moving on to their next spot! Some of the questions only have one answer, but some of them are also open ended giving your students more opportunities to use their thinking!
My favorite thing about these cards is that I can adapt them to fit the needs of my students. For example, the week before break we were working on the letter B. I was able to adapt the questions I picked to fit with that concept.
For this card, I said, “Tell me the first sound in bat.” My students all answered, “/b/” and transitioned to their next spot! It was awesome!
We also have been working on plurals, so they did a great job when I pulled this card out!
I was also able to use the task cards when we transitioned from math to snack!
We’re working hard on counting on from a given number, so when I drew this card, I just choose a number other than 1!
These task cards are quick, easy to use and are a great review throughout the day. It also inadvertently {maybe??} helped my students line up as quietly as possible so that they could hear the question I was asking! Win, win!
If you’re interested in using these task cards in your classroom, you can find them {here}!
Download the preview file to get a more detailed look!
They will be discounted for the next few days!