Sight Word Chant

One of my most favorite things to teach in Kindergarten is sight words! We practice them forward and backward, inside and out! I love seeing the little light bulbs go off when my students are able to read and write a new sight word!

When we learn a new sight word, we decode as much of the word as we can and highlight any of the “tricky” remembering parts. Once we learn the word, we practice it as often as possible! This sight word chant is one of our favorite ways to practice reading and spelling our sight words.

I hold up the word or write it on the whiteboard and we practice reading it in all these ways. This is also a
great chant to say as we transition between reading centers. We love this sight word chant in our class!

Since we started using this chant in our classroom, we also learned two more ways to practice the word! “See it” let’s students practice seeing the word in their minds. Have them close their eyes and visualize the word. What a fabulous idea! Another fun way to practice is “write it”, where you have the kids write the word in the air with their fingers. My kiddos also love to “write” words on the carpet with their finger too.

If you’d like to use these sight word chants with your students, you can download a free copy HERE! I hope you and your kiddos enjoy!