One of my most favorite things to teach in Kindergarten is sight words! We practice them forward and backward, inside and out! I love seeing the little light bulbs go off when my students are able to read and write a new sight word!
Last week, my sweet friend Emma shared this pin on her Facebook page and I absolutely adore it! I think it would be a great way to practice reading our new sight words! I’ve heard many people say they use this chant with their students names too!
It looks like it’s from Katie and Company, but after some serious searching, I can’t seem to find the original source anywhere! If you know where it is, please tell me!!!
I’ve re-typed it and added some cute Melonheadz clip art to use in my classroom.
When we learn a new sight word, I will hold up our word and have my
students practice reading it in all these ways. This will also be a
great chant to say as we transition between reading centers. I am so
excited to use this!
 {click the image to download this version}
Emma also shared with me two more ways to practice the word! “See it” let’s them practice seeing the word in their minds. Have them close their eyes and visualize the word. What a fabulous idea! She also thought of “write it” where you have the kids write the word in the air with their fingers. My kiddos also love to “write” words on the carpet with their finger too.

{click the image to download this version}

Lastly, I had a request to make this into a chant to practice letters instead of words. Great idea too!

{click the image to download this version}
Do you have any fun chants or songs you use to teach your sight words?