Mystery Number

In November, I had a lovely blogging friend come visit my class, it was so much fun! She was so sweet, she even brought gifts!
Well one gift was from her brain, because she knows my obsession with songs, and she shared with me the cutest song she uses during calendar time! She wrote this song, called Mystery Number and sings it with her class every day!
Mystery Number
Written by Mrs. Felts
To the tune of The Muffin Man
I’m thinking of a number, a number, a number,
I’m thinking of a number,
Can you guess what it is?
The number has two digits, two digits, two digits,
The number has two digits,
Can you guess what it is?
There’s a ___ in the ones’ place, the ones’ place, the
ones’ place,
There’s a ___ in the ones’ place.
Can you guess what it is?
There’s a ___ in the tens’ place, the tens’ place, the
tens’ place,
There’s a ___ in the tens’ place
We know what the number is!
We found our mystery number, number, number!
We found our mystery number,
Our number is ___!
Well, I introduced this little diddy to my class and they LOVED it! After each verse, I pause to let them guess. Sometimes I give my students a mini whiteboard and marker to write their guesses on. Sometimes we just do it orally. It has really helped them with understanding place value! We started with numbers 1-20, but now we are able to guess all the way up to 99!
I also made this fun little chart to hang up in our calendar area and write our mystery number on.
fonts and graphics by:
When I first introduced it, I wrote the number first with dry erase marker, then covered each digit with a post it. Then we I revealed the ones place, I took the post it off, and again with tens place. Now, I have my students come up and write the number after we have guessed it.
I can’t thank you enough  Mrs. Felts!!

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  1. I think my kinders are ready for this. They have been telling me the digits in the date. I am ready to step it up a notch. Thanks for sharing!


  2. What a cute and clever idea. I love songs, too, even though I can't sing very well. But kids learn so quickly though songs that I just go ahead and sing anyway!! Thanks for this one.

  3. I am so glad everyone enjoys my song. It is amazing what you come up with a two in the morning when you cannot sleep because your husband is on duty! Hadar you have made it so presentable…thank you so much!!! We have been doing this since late October or early November and my students number sense and recognition has increased significantly. It really is a great tool for calendar time. My new mission…coming up with a song for money during calendar time. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful song and chart! I just love the idea!

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